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January 20, 2014
By Perry R. Banse, Assistant Superintendent, Middle/High School Principal

My wife bought me some new school shirts this year. She got the dress ones that have Indian Rocks Christian School embroidered on them above the pocket. She did go out of the box a little bit with some of the colors. I’m ok with the black one, or the white one, and I really like the blue and white striped one. After that, they aren’t what I consider conventional dress shirts. One of them is a kind of a bright robin egg blue. It gets a lot of comments from the students such as, “Can we get that color?” or “That’s an amazing color” or just “wow”. The comment that got my attention though was when Selby said to me, “Mr. Banse, that shirt is raw!” My first thought was, “Of course it is, it is uncooked and as long as I’m not the person ironing it will stay that way.” But after delving a little deeper, I realized that “raw” has new meaning to the youth of today. If you grew up in the 50’s, raw would have been neat-o; in the 60’s, it would have been cool; in the 70’s I would have called it far out; in the 80’s it would be awesome; in the 90’s it was rad and in the 00’s it was phat. So now that you have a frame of reference, I can go on with my story. Selby is a member of our wrestling team. The wrestlers don’t get a lot of attention at school, but they are generating a lot of attention away from school, and they are raw.

This past week the Tampa Bay Times did an article that featured our wrestling team. You can read it at The article mentions a few of the accomplishments but just scratches the surface of how good this team really is. Here is a short recap of what they have accomplished as a team so far this season:

Blue Jacket Tournament - Team Champions (first tournament win in school history)

Ocala Forrest Tournament - 5th Place out of 18 teams

Kiwanis Tournament - 5th Place Place out of 32 teams

Jerry Mita - 2nd Place out of 28 teams

Immokalee Dual Tournament - 2nd Place out of 12 teams

Hawk Dual Tournament - Tied for 3rd out of 10 Teams

Dual meet record on the year is 18-4

Coach Jay Dugmore has taken a small program and built it into a powerhouse. We appreciate that even in a sport with little recognition and not a lot of early success, Coach Dugmore has hung in there and built a winning team.

From an individual standpoint we have 8 wrestlers who have won at least 29 matches already this year. Among those, Jay Dugmore III and Conner Allshouse both captured their 100th career win this season. This is a great accomplishment when you consider neither are a senior yet. Jay is a junior and Conner is a sophomore. In fact all of these accomplishments have occurred with just one senior on the team. We observed “Senior Night” last Friday evening. The lone senior, Jared Wolfenbarger, picked up his 29th win of the season. We also took time Friday night to honor Jen Allshouse.

Jen has been the team mom for the wrestling team for the past five years. This year she has battled cancer courageously. In support of her, 110 lime green t-shirts were made up to show support with all of the proceeds going to the Allshouse family. They sold out within 8 hours. We had our biggest crowd for a wrestling dual and we live streamed the event so it could be seen at the hospital and for family scattered throughout the U.S. (you can see it at It was impressive to see the sea of green in the stands. Coach Dugmore read a letter from Jen’s husband, Shawn. It was an incredibly emotional time for everyone there. On the live stream we had many well-wishers and family members text messages in for the Allshouse family.

On Saturday, with her family around her, Jen succumbed to the cancer. Please pray for her family. It is hard to lose a wife and a mother. The days and weeks ahead will be difficult. The “family” that was present at the wrestling match Friday night needs to wrap their arms around the Allshouse family and be “Jesus with skin on” to them.

Shawn, Conner, and Thomas, your Indian Rocks family loves you and is praying for you.




Christine Clifford says:
January 20, 2014 12:34 PM CST
Congratulations wrestling team! Love the shirts! Our family knows and feels the pain of the Allshouse family. We are so sorry for their loss and our thoughts and prayers are with them.
Jay Dugmore says:
January 20, 2014 01:20 PM CST

I want to say thank you to the school for the continued support of the wrestling program. As the coach of the team I am forever thankful for everyone involved with our wrestling family. We lost a very important piece of that family but I know the boys will continue to train hard and will battle in Jen's honor as she did. God bless Shawn, Conner and Thomas we all love you.

Scott Coloney says:
January 20, 2014 06:00 PM CST

Well said Perry, for those of us that know the family through our children, our support and prayers are with you.  Perry was correct, you have a very large extended family through Indian Rocks and we send our deep condolenses


Julie Cavonis says:
January 21, 2014 10:14 AM CST

Our thoughts and prayers are with Shawn, Conner and Thomas. We were out of town during the wrestling event, but watched it on live stream. It was a tearful reminder of how blessed we all are to be a part of the Indian Rocks family. We are also blessed that our kids have people in their lives like Coach Jay Dugmore. His commitment to the wrestlers goes beyond the mat. The team knows that they can count on him and they reciprocate by doing their best in every match. Coach Dugmore has done more than build a top notch wrestling team; he builds character in every kid he coaches.

Every successful team has a Mom like Jen. Always behind the scenes taking care of the details and cheering the team on. Her impact on IRCS wrestling will forever be felt. May God bless and comfort you Shawn, Conner and Thomas and know that your IRCS family has you covered in love and prayer.