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The Rest of the Story

February 04, 2014
By Perry R. Banse, Assistant Superintendent, Middle/High School Principal

Paul Harvey was a well-known radio broadcaster from the 1950’s through the 1990’s. One of his trademark segments was his “Rest of the Story”. In these snippets he would tell of a recognized person or event and then give an unknown back story that gave insight as to how the result actually happened.

This weekend, our varsity cheerleaders won the FHSAA State Championship and our varsity wrestling team captured second place in their district tournament. You may have seen the pictures on the school’s Facebook page. Now you are going to hear . . . . the rest of the story.

The cheer team improved more this year than at any time in school history. From camp last summer through the FCC National competition their growth was nothing short of amazing. They are a fantastic group of girls that were focused on putting God first and doing their best. Going into the Florida High School State Championships was still a bit of an unknown. Because FHSAA posts all of their competition scores on their website, we were able to know that at the Regional competition our team scored the highest of all the teams in our category all over the state. This meant they just needed to nail the routine to get to the finals (only three of the 12 teams advance) and then repeat that in the finals. In the prelims the girls did an outstanding job. Everyone there figured they would make the finals. When the announcement came of who would advance, we were named but in third place. Our team was assessed a five point penalty for an “infraction”. Without this deduction, we would have been in first place. The oddity of this is that their routine had not changed from Regionals. They did the same thing they have done all year, and it had never been deemed a prior penalty. Then it was discovered that there was an error in scoring on the fourth place team’s sheet. The correction actually moved them ahead of IRCS bumping our girls down to fourth. By rule, that would take us out of the finals competition. Fortunately, because the announcement had already been made, the committee allowed four teams to advance to the finals. The girls were stunned. They didn’t understand how they could have been in first place but found themselves in fourth. To their credit, they refocused and went to the finals with an almost perfect routine. There were screams, cheers, and tears when the announcer said, “And the state champions are . . . Indian Rocks Christian School.”

There is a picture on the IRCS Facebook page of a green hair ribbon that all of the cheerleaders wore. It was to honor Jennifer Allshouse. Jen was the mother of students Connor and Thomas and wrestling team mom. She recently passed away after a long battle with lymphoma. The green ribbons obviously didn’t match our red, white, and blue uniforms, but they looked great and were a tremendous tribute to a great mom. During the preliminary competition, Coach Bohler was even able to get the PA announcer to announce that the Indian Rocks Cheerleaders were dedicating their routine to honor Jen. Thank you, cheer team, for this outstanding tribute.

This is a good segue into wrestling. Our wrestling team has been making some noise this year. They won their first tournament ever and placed highly in several others. Indian Rocks Christian School had never won a District trophy in the sport of wrestling. They went into the tournament with high hopes of success. The downside is that the team is small compared to the teams they were up against. There are 14 weight classes in high school wrestling. Our team at Districts fielded only nine wrestlers. The hard part of this is that it leaves five weight classes where the team had no chance of scoring any points. They were up against a tough Dunedin High School that had all the classes filled and had won four of the last five district titles. The boys wrestled strong. Going into the medal rounds we had one wrestler in the consolation finals (wrestling for third) and the other eight were in the finals (wrestling for first place). Six of those matches were head to head against Dunedin. When the dust settled IRCS had crowned five district champions winning four of the six head to head matches. Individual district champions for the Golden Eagles were Erich Byelick (who also gained his 100th varsity win as just an 8th grader), Jack Pohler, Jay Dugmore, Jared Wolfenberger, and Conner Allshouse. All nine wrestlers qualified to move on to the Regional Tournament at Berkley Prep next weekend. In spite of this exceptional performance, IRCS was unable to catch Dunedin and finished second by just 14 points. Even with five weight classes with no wrestlers, our guys almost pulled off a huge upset. They did however, capture the school’s first ever district trophy for wrestling with their second place finish. Here is the link to the Times article about the District championship -

Indian Rocks Christian School is extremely proud of both our cheer and wrestling teams!

IRCS Fan says:
February 04, 2014 02:50 PM CST

What a great year for our Cheer team, a repeat at State. A BIG thanks goes out to the students and staff that rode the bus, you helped the girls pull through.

WAY to go Wrestling Team good luck at Regional’s!!!!!

Proud Parent says:
February 04, 2014 02:52 PM CST
Great Blog!! Thanks for the great updates about IRCS!!!
Mayo Byelick says:
February 04, 2014 03:25 PM CST
I got goosebumps reading the blog!
Vicki Johnson says:
February 04, 2014 06:28 PM CST

Way to go both teams!  Love IRCS!