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Ministry Mester 2014: An Inside Look

April 14, 2014
Ministry Mester 2014 - Indian Rocks Christian School

At Indian Rocks Christian School, we integrate steadfast faith and exceptional academics from kindergarten to twelfth grade. Through service projects and community outreach, students have opportunities to put their faith into action each year. But undoubtedly, the most anticipated service event of the year is our High School Ministry Mester. Last month, participating students touched countless lives through this unique program.

If you’re not familiar with Ministry Mester, it has been helping students impact the community, the country and the world for nearly 15 years. Many of our students choose to serve internationally, traveling to third-world countries and learning the language, culture and customs necessary to serve their people. The outcomes are always exceptional.

Here’s an inside look at a few of the domestic and international trips that students took in March:

More than 40 of our students traveled to Greene County to share the Gospel of Christ in Baseball Country. Baseball Country is a fifty-acre facility that uses baseball as a tool to witness in a relaxed setting. Students got their hands dirty and helped with painting, cleaning and preparing the facilities for summer operations. They also had opportunities to witness to young people in the local community center’s after school program. Together, they made bracelets, played games, helped with homework and shared testimonies.

Costa Rica
Our basketball coach led approximately 20 students on a trip through Costa Rica to assist SCORE, a basketball ministry in San Jose. Students traveled through central Costa Rica, playing basketball games against their local club and school teams. These games provided numerous opportunities for students to witness to local youth. Additionally, our students visited an orphanage, fed the homeless and spent one-on-one time getting to know locals.   

Our Chicago trip was designed to serve the growing Muslim population in the city. Students had the unique opportunity to visit a mosque and a Muslim school, observing the rituals and understanding the faith. Every student was blessed by this experience and humbled to know that as Christians, we don’t have to partake in rituals to move closer to God or attain salvation. The students also served at the Pacific Garden Mission in Downtown Chicago, seeing the work of Christ first hand.

El Salvador
The trip to El Salvador was an evangelistic outreach trip through New Hope Baptist Church in San Salvador. Our students had the chance to witness at neighborhood campaigns, share their testimonies in schools and work with local orphanages. It was an excellent trip for our students to expand their Spanish language skills while building relationships with less fortunate children and teens.

In Guatemala, our students partnered with an organization called Mission Impact to work on various construction projects, build cisterns for clean water and ventilation for clean air. IRCS students also spent time with with children and teens in village schools – sharing the love of Christ and helping them with practical needs. Second only to Haiti, Guatemala is the most poverty-stricken country in this hemisphere. After seeing the lifestyle of their people, our students were greatly impacted.

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The primary objective of Ministry Mester is to expose students to a variety of service opportunities, teaching them to be disciples and allowing for spiritual growth in their lives. The trips also benefit students academically by providing the service learning hours needed for graduation requirements. High schoolers at IRCS are required to complete at least 20 hours each year.

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