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Mr. P. Grows Up!

April 15, 2014
By Perry R. Banse, Assistant Superintendent, Middle/High School Principal

In February of 2006 we traveled to cold Cedarville, Ohio for the annual Cedarville University Teacher Recruitment Fair. Through the years we had attracted a number of quality teachers from Cedarville and we wanted to continue that relationship. Past and present teachers who are graduates from Cedarville include Doug Rose, Andi Pacecca, Nadine Tomsa, Kris Williams (sister Heidi also came and works in our IT dept.), Amy Mozambite, Shannon Messer, Jeff Barber, Jessica Goodrich, Ben Futoran, Brittany Schwartz, and Renee Sallee (apologies to anyone I missed—the older I get, the more I forget). Or as my dad used to say, “I’ve forgotten things you haven’t even learned yet.”

This particular year we had a need for a math teacher. Good math teachers are hard to find and once you find them you want to keep them. We consistently would interview throughout the day. The Cedarville students were required by their education department to interview with at least three schools. One of my interviews that day was a 22-year-old named Dave Parmerlee. Originally from Michigan (which I was willing to forgive to get a good math teacher), Dave had a nice resume. He had an assortment of field experiences, was a three time Dean’s List recipient, and was a Faculty Scholarship recipient. It didn’t take long into the interview to realize I was talking to a sharp young man who had the potential to be a good teacher. He also had a grandmother living in Venice, Florida, so he was not opposed to a big move. We asked, he said “yes” and we had the math teacher we were looking for.

When he moved here he found housing with Dave Hazard and Brandon Hazzard. This became another growing experience for the young man from Michigan. His first year of teaching wasn’t perfect, but the one thing that he would always ask whenever I had been in his room was, “How can I be better?” I greatly appreciated his attitude and his work ethic. We didn’t make it easy on him. For the first three years we changed what he was teaching each year. He settled in and worked hard. He then started on his Master’s program through the University of South Florida. He has a passion to learn and was constantly quizzing me about policies and procedures. He also would ask for administrative duties that he could do to gain experience.

Dave married a wonderful girl named Jessica, he has competed about one half of his Doctoral work through the University of Florida, and recently Jessica gave birth to a beautiful baby daughter named Lyla. In addition to all of this, he was just named the principal for the Indian Rocks Veritas Academy. I’m very excited for him. I think Indian Rocks Veritas has huge potential, and I believe Dave is ready for the challenge of being a principal. University Model Schools are making inroads across the country and are a great option for parents to choose. To me, it’s a fantastic combination that is poised for growth. Dave’s drive and determination are going to take him a long way.

So a big shout out to Dave Parmerlee! When you see him, be sure to congratulate him (on the new job and the new daughter). It has been a joy to watch him “grow up” over the past eight years. If you would like more information on the Indian Rocks Veritas Academy you can go on our website at or contact our Director of Enrollment and Marketing, Pamela Pardi, at, and she will be happy to talk to you.

Dee says:
April 16, 2014 11:47 AM CST

great blog!