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What are They Doing and Where Are They Going?

April 23, 2014
By Perry R. Banse, Assistant Superintendent, Middle/High School Principal

Each year in the spring we go through the progression of students being accepted to the various colleges and universities to which they have applied. This year is no different. We desire that all of our students go on to the next level as prepared as they can be. We have a goal that 25% of them would go on to a Christian college or university. We also have a number that receive scholarship offers. The colleges and universities that students are accepted to says much about a school and its program of academics. So, what are they doing and where are they going? I’m glad you asked.

First, let me share an honor that was bestowed this week on our Valedictorian, Christopher Parish. Chris was named to the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) Academic All-State Team, an honor that recognizes not just athletic accomplishments but also academic and community achievements. This award is given each year to 12 female and 12 male athletes from all over Florida. To be eligible for selection to the Academic All-State Team, a student-athlete must be a graduating senior, have a cumulative unweighted grade point average of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale, and have earned a varsity letter in at least two different sports during each of his or her junior and senior years. The members were chosen from among more than 150 qualified candidates at the Association’s 685 member schools, with the honorees selected based on academic record, athletic participation, non-athletic activities, community service and an essay.

The University of Florida has become a challenge for freshman to be accepted into. This year we had seven of our 61 seniors apply for admission to UF. Six were accepted. That is 10% of our senior class. Ten percent of any senior class in any school to be accepted to UF is an amazing number of which we are very proud.

Previously, I did a whole blog on Ian Fitzpatrick who was recently accepted to MIT. The amazing part of this is that MIT only has a 9% acceptance rate. In other words, only nine out of every 100 students get in.

Each year, a number of our students stay local and attend St. Petersburg College. This year, eight of our students have qualified for the Presidential Scholarship at SPC. This scholarship pays 100% of their tuition for up to 15 credit hours taken each semester. Those who receive it may have also qualified for the Bright Futures Scholarship which can be then either used for books, or the scholarship funds are given back to the student.

Finally, what about the Christian part? Already we have 16 students out of 61 that have been accepted to Christian colleges or universities. That hits just above our goal of 25% of our students going on with Christian education.

So as you can see, students that graduate from Indian Rocks Christian School do very well as they move on to the next level.

Sondra Adkinson says:
April 23, 2014 03:57 PM CST

CONGRATULATIONS CLASS of 2014 !!!  That is such good news and speaks of the quality instruction from our FACULTY and ADMINISTRATION and also the PARENTS of these excellent seniors.  THANK YOU GOD FOR BLESSING THEM.

Kirsten Priest says:
April 23, 2014 07:10 PM CST
I'm thrilled my child will have an IRCS degrea!
Kathy Trador says:
April 23, 2014 09:33 PM CST

I am so proud to have 2 children already graduate from this amazing school.  One graduated from USF and is a 1st grade teacher, and one is a sophomore at Nyack College (Christian College) in New York. Both of my children were prepared for college and adapted very well.  

Julie Cavonis says:
April 24, 2014 08:31 AM CST

I am so incredibly proud of this senior class. I've watched many of them grow from kindergartners hatching chicks on the playground to strong young adults rich in character and blessed with endless talents and achievements. I pray that as their IRCS days come to a close that they will look back and feel blessed. Go forward with God's purpose in mind, His Word in your heart and always use your talents for His glory.