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Faculty Spotlight: Mrs. Nicole Ryan, Head Kindergarten Teacher

April 24, 2014
Mrs. Nicole Ryan

“I love that I don’t have a script. I can tailor my teaching style to each student, and the finished product is amazing.”
-Mrs. Nicole Ryan, Head Kindergarten Teacher

At Indian Rocks Christian School in Largo, FL, we look for a special kind of teacher. One who is an expert in their field, who has a heart for others and can bring learning to life. IRCS faculty members make lasting impressions on the lives of our students, equipping them with the skills and confidence necessary to impact the world. Without our teachers, we wouldn’t be known as a top Christian school in the Largo area. They are the faces behind our mission, providing a spark that burns long after students graduate.

Mrs. Nicole Ryan, our head kindergarten teacher is a living example of the Indian Rocks Christian School mission. For the last six years, she’s provided a solid foundation for our young students, instilling a love for learning by making each subject fun.

Joining the Indian Rocks Family

Prior to joining the Indian Rocks family, Mrs. Ryan taught kindergarten in a public school system. After sending her son to IRCS for a private Christian education, she knew she wanted to be a part of the mission, too.

“I noticed the kindergarteners were being catered to based on their unique learning styles, and as a result they quickly advanced in areas like reading and writing,” Mrs. Ryan said. “I was thrilled to come on board and contribute to these incredible outcomes.

Making it her own

The kindergarten program at Indian Rocks Christian School is very focused on experiential learning. Students work independently at centers to explore physical objects and apply what they’ve learned in areas like addition and subtraction.

In Mrs. Ryan’s class, there are 17 students who frequently work together in small groups.

“During small group lessons, I can easily spend one-on-one time with my students…coaching them in areas of weakness and celebrating where there’s growth,” she said. “I’m thankful for the freedom to teach according to each child’s needs, and the time to reteach if there’s a need for that.”

Opening the door

An open-door policy is part of the family culture at Indian Rocks Christian School. Parents partner with teachers and have opportunities to be highly involved in the learning process. According to Mrs. Ryan, this is very important – especially in kindergarten, when families are getting acclimated to formal schooling.

“There are so many opportunities for parents to come lend a hand in the classroom. Even if they just want to come in and observe, they are welcomed,” she said.

Many parents come in and read to students and there’s even a prayer program, where students submit prayer request and class moms pray over the needs.

“This is truly a caring environment. All my fellow teachers value collaboration and friendliness and the parents are on board. I can’t imagine a better environment for a kindergartener. At Indian Rocks Christian School, you see genuine love for everyone,” Mrs. Ryan explained.

Check us out!

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Jennifer Richason says:
April 24, 2014 05:18 PM CST
The IRCS Kindergarten team is the best! Reading with the kids is so important and also a lot of fun. We can't imagine sending our son anywhere else! We love IRCS!
Lynette McMillin says:
May 29, 2014 01:02 PM CST

We became members of the church after seeing the advertisment for a new Sunday Connection group for parenting (or as Dr Dobson says sometimes just 'surviving and outliving'!)  the 'Strong Willed Child'.  Our strong willed son was named Owen and though we had a rough first few years with him, he is now the spark and sunshine in our family!  In Nicole's class, he became a little man who understood how to stay in a line and come obediently to the back door when Mrs Ryan called them off of the playground, but she never tried to squash the adventursome spirit that makes him such a joy to be with!   She would let him stand up at his desk a few minutes each day if he was in place doing his work and he THRIVED under her instruction.  He is now preparing for middle school in a public school fundamental program and is known in his class for being the one who challenges everyone to obey the rules!  His moral code goes down deep into his bones and wants to be a strong defender of the faith. I know he got a great start at IRCS under Mrs. Ryan!