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Four Ways IRCS Trains College-Ready Graduates

May 02, 2014

Over the past few years, the college admissions process has become increasingly competitive. Students at Indian Rocks Christian School (IRCS) set the bar high when selecting prospective colleges, and it is our responsibility to partner with them to achieve these goals. As a leading college preparatory school in Largo, FL, we provide an education that is focused on the future from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Our faculty and staff understand what it takes to succeed at the university level. Their commitment to college-readiness and Christ-centered teaching yields incredible outcomes year after year.

Here are four unique ways that IRCS prepares students for success after high school:

An Emphasis on Reading

Most would agree that reading is at the heart of all knowledge. At Indian Rocks Christian School, we have built a culture of reading and emphasize growth from kindergarten through senior year. Unlike many schools, we continue utilizing the Accelerated Reader (AR) program through twelfth grade. It would not make much sense to lose this valuable component of our curriculum in high school, as reading comprehension is vital for success in college. Ask any college student, and they’ll explain that college courses involve intensive reading assignments. Without the ability to recall information, success is difficult to achieve. We don’t take this lightly at IRCS. Our heavy emphasis on reading is something students benefit from in college and throughout their life.

Global Travel Opportunities

Through our High School Ministry Mester, every student has the opportunity for global travel while at IRCS. Just check out our recent blog post on the topic, and you’ll get a preview of some of the life-changing trips we recently sponsored. Having the chance to travel overseas gives our students an appreciation for different cultures. They learn to communicate with diverse people groups and make a tangible difference in others’ lives.

These are students that colleges look for - students who are hungry for new experiences and eager to learn about the world around them.

Unparalleled Support and Guidance

Our faculty members encourage students to seek God’s calling on their life from a very young age. Additionally, IRCS has a full-time guidance counselor who is devoted to helping seniors prepare for their next step. Mrs. Bates is an expert on resources for college preparation, and enjoys helping each student as they pursue their calling. Because IRCS has a family-oriented environment, the guidance staff knows each student well and supports them on an individual basis. When students reach high school, we annually host a Christian College Fair and take students to visit universities across the country.

Experience Through Service

Take a look at any college application, and you’ll likely see a spot that inquires about community service experience. At IRCS, every student has a myriad of activities to list here. As a Christ-centered college preparatory school, Christian service is a part of our curriculum, even in kindergarten! The service experiences our students have are valuable in so many ways. They get to grow spiritually through sharing the love of Christ. They grow socially through communication with unique groups. And they grow in knowledge through hands-on activities. Community service has been and always will be a vital component of the IRCS curriculum.

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