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IRCS Arts Department: Three Quality Programs for Students to Explore

May 14, 2014

At Indian Rocks Christian School in Largo, FL, faculty and staff are committed to helping students develop their talents in a Christ-centered environment. Through rigorous academics, winning athletics and numerous extracurricular activities, we instill the values of teamwork, dedication and excellence. Over the years, we have added new programs to diversify our offerings and to ensure each student has an avenue to grow in their specific area of interest. One department in particular continues to shine bright at IRCS, giving students a competitive edge for college and providing a platform to glorify God. The fine arts department weaves art education into the everyday curriculum but also expands as extracurricular activities for many students who dedicate time to developing their artistic gifts. Due to incredible interest in our arts programs, we’ve made growth a priority. 

Here are three of our most popular options for students to explore:

1. Instrumental Music

Our award-winning instrumental music program is one of the oldest and most established arms of the fine arts department. Beginning in fourth grade, students have weekly band instruction and explore numerous instruments. In fifth grade, they choose one instrument to focus on, with opportunities to perform in concerts throughout the year. For students who are interested in taking their skills to the next level, there are extracurricular ensembles in middle and high school, as well as solo ensembles. Our most intensive program, high school Regiment, is an advanced ensemble where students rehearse five days a week and perform seven or more times during the academic year - giving them a unique advantage for participation in college. In addition to this program, students can partake in marching band, a jazz ensemble or our vocal music/choir program.

2. Digital Arts

We recognize that digital media is a rapidly growing field in today’s economy. For decades, we’ve offered opportunities for students to use cameras and to experiment with lights and sound. Today, our digital arts program includes video editing, electronic journalism, web design, music studio and digital photography. Students apply what they’ve learned in class by helping produce live stream broadcasts of our sporting events and chapel services. Additionally, they coordinate the morning show to keep annoucements fun for middle and high school students. This early hands-on experience is invaluable for students pursuing a related field in college.

3. Drama & Theatre

In middle school, students may opt to participate in drama, learning the field through activity-based instruction. As students learn about character development and stage production, they decide whether they want to pursue the program at the high school level. Drama brings out the best in our students, encouraging imagination and self-confidence. Musical theatre is also offered for students who have a combined love for acting, dancing, music and more. This program is available by audition and led by a team of experienced directors that are passionate about glorifying God through creative expression.

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Vicki Johnson says:
May 14, 2014 05:15 PM CST

IRCS also has a fantastic art teacher.  Maggie Szabo is a wonderful teacher and leader.


Jennifer and Dale Abel says:
May 15, 2014 11:16 AM CST

IRCS also has award winning choral programs in the elementary school under the direction of Mrs. Jennifer Kinsey; and, in the middle school and high school under the direction of Mrs. Rhonda Farver.  In addition, the middle school and high school have an award winning art department under the direction of Mrs. Maggie Szabo.