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Re-wax, Repaint, Regroup

June 25, 2014
By Perry R. Banse, Assistant Superintendent, Middle/High School Principal

One of our premier selling points as a private Christian School in Pinellas County is our outstanding facility and grounds. Few Christian schools can match what Indian Rocks has to offer. I have had the opportunity to visit many Christian schools in several states and ours is distinctive. There are a few major reasons for this. One is the foresight that was put into the construction of our buildings. They were well planned and anticipated growth. The second is the upkeep. Our facilities department does an excellent job of continually keeping things current, clean, and in good repair. Finally, it also doesn’t hurt that we are able to possess 55 acres in the middle of Pinellas County on which we have spread out. It allows us to have almost everything we need right here.

There are always projects that need to be completed in a school. This summer promises to be no different. Some are visible, such as last summer’s renovation of the elementary building or the high school science labs. Others you probably aren’t going to notice, such as the care given to our gym floor each summer as it is stripped and refinished. You notice that it always looks nice and new, but unless you see it being done, you may not realize the work that goes into keeping it that way.

One of the big areas you will notice in July when the work begins will be repaving. The entrance and parking areas on the elementary side and by the youth center are going to be redone very soon. This is a “heads up” for the middle of July. During this project traffic on and off the campus will be smoother if you use the entrance by Smiley’s. Facilities has already hauled in sand and leveled the athletic fields. The elementary playground has undergone a major transformation with the installation of new sod.

We appreciate that we are able to share a facilities department with the First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks. As one of their ministries, they take very good care of us. This benefits not only us, but the students and families we serve as well. We are looking forward to a new and improved fall and our best year yet.

Enrollment for the fall is already ahead of where we finished last school year. Due to our growing enrollment, the elementary school will have three sections of every grade level next fall. In the MS/HS, the 11th grade is the smallest with 55 students. All of the other grade levels in this area are at 61 students ranging up to 68 in the 7th and 10th grades.

All of our teaching positions for the fall have been filled. In an upcoming blog we will share some information on our new teachers that will be joining the IRCS family. We think you are going to like them, a lot!

Everything is shaping up to another great year at IRCS! We are looking forward to it. (In case you were wondering – school starts in 50 days and Christmas Eve is 6 months from today!)