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The Strength of our School - Great Schools = Great Teachers

July 29, 2014
By Perry R. Banse, Assistant Superintendent, Middle/High School Principal

If you want to find a great school, look for one with great teachers.

Schools can have impressive physical plants, large classrooms, state of the art technology, extensive athletic facilities, cutting edge curriculum, or dedicated fine arts areas; but if they don’t have good teachers, they are not going to be a great school. Teachers make the difference. They are the living curriculum. If you think back to when you were in school, you probably don’t remember a teacher because of the subject matter that they taught, but because of their interest or investment they had in you. It has been said that more of what students learn from teachers is, “caught than taught.” While it is important, it’s not their day to day teaching that makes the biggest impact, it’s who they are. They are the difference makers. They are the inspirers. They are molders and shapers.

To our teachers, working at IRCS is more than a job, it is a ministry calling. Since they know that they are directly responsible to the Lord, they give more of themselves. Indian Rocks Christian School teachers could all make a higher wage if they taught in the public sector. They understand the privilege and honor they have to teach in a school that has the name Christian in its title. They also know that while academic excellence is always a goal, there is a spiritual side that must be addressed to educate the whole student.

We have 59 full time K-12 teachers and administrators in our ACSI and Advanced Ed accredited school. To demonstrate their commitment to academics, 20 have earned a Master’s Degree and 2 have an earned Doctoral Degree. To show their concern for our student’s spiritual growth, 32 have been a leader or co-leader on a student mission trip. As far as extra-curricular activities go, 20 have coached at least one sport and an additional 8 have been involved in the Arts outside of regular school time. This is investment. It is a true display of care and concern. Our staff has a combined total of 787 years of experience. This averages out to 13.7 years of service per person. Their time here at Indian Rocks is an average of 8.8 years each. That is stability. It shows that they like where they work and they enjoy what they are doing.

Nobel Prize winning author, Alesksandr Solzhenitsyn captured the importance of teachers in this quote from his book Rebuilding Russia. “The truth is, we must not begin with school children, but with the teachers, the cream of the nation, they are the people with a calling to whom we entrust our future.”

Our teachers are our best asset.

Frank and Diana Schimmenti says:
August 09, 2014 04:02 PM CST

We know and love two of your teachers particularly well. Andrea Pacecca and her husband Bob are our daughter and "son." We see the "home" side of what this kind of commitment looks like. They do indeed see their teaching as a calling and a ministry, and the effort expended to do an excellent job is evident even in how they spend their "free" time. We are so very proud of them, and appreciate that you are as well.