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October 03, 2014
By Perry R. Banse, Assistant Superintendent, Middle/High School Principal

Normally in the world of academia, you want to stay away from the zero. A couple of the definitions in the dictionary specify zero as, “nothing” or “the lowest point”. Not something that you would want to get as a grade on homework, a test, or your report card.

When you cross over into the world of athletics, zero can have both positive and negative connotations. In a game situation you don’t want your team to have a zero but you do hope the other team has one. In a won / loss column – it could go either way (wins – bad L, losses – good J). Right now we have some teams where it is going the right way.

Varsity Football – after the first five games the varsity record is 5 – 0 (good zero). Last year, during the regular season, the varsity had an 8 – 2 record. They already have avenged those two losses by defeating St. Pete Catholic and Admiral Farragut. Their current record has catapulted them to a number ONE ranking for all Class 2A teams in the state. They have also crept up the local rankings in the Tampa Bay Times Home Team 25 to number 13. This includes all schools in the area no matter what the size. They will have some tough games ahead but they still have a zero halfway through. Football is a team sport so this wouldn’t be possible without the synergy this group possesses but we do have a couple of players that are number one in the state in a couple of categories. Chris Licea is currently the leading tackler in the state for all 2A schools. Fisher Jones is number one in sacks for 2A. This is a pretty awesome accomplishment. All five games left are home games so come on out to the Eagle’s Nest to enjoy some football. Homecoming will be October 17th. Varsity games start at 7:30.

Middle School Football – after the first four games has a record of 4 – 0. The Middle School team has an offense that has so many weapons it seems to be unstoppable. In addition to this, their defense is pretty stingy as well. The Golden Eagles have outscored their opponents during this stretch 175 – 6. This amazing team only has one home game left that you won’t want to miss. They play home on Thursday, October 9 at 6:00 in the Eagle’s Nest against Cambridge.

Boys Golf – this team is off to an amazing 10 – 0 – 1 start (I know, who ever heard of a tie in golf). This is the best start for a golf team in the history of our school. Coach Richie says this record truly is the result of a team effort. The golfers display a consistency that has led to not losing a match so far. Maybe one of the most exciting parts is how young they are. Outside of one senior, the bulk of the players are freshmen and sophomores. We look for some great things to continue for this team.

Cross Country – is not undefeated but it is notable that the boys team is ranked 4th in the state and the girls team is ranked 13th. With just a few meets left before the District meet, this program seems to be peaking at the right time.

It’s a great start to the school year in our athletic department. If you can’t be at an event, pick up the live stream through our website. We found out this fall that our school is number one in the nation for the most events that were live streamed last year. You do need a password to watch the events live but that can be secured by contacting our Digital Arts Director, Charlie Hall. The information is on the website under IRCS Live.