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Thank you all for a great Homecoming!

October 20, 2014
By Perry R. Banse, Assistant Superintendent, Middle/High School Principal

Everyone here at IRCS would like to thank you all for coming out and “Saving Homecoming” on Friday night. Words cannot begin to express the joy we have from the great turnout. Our students felt both honored and supported. The line for burgers and hot dogs lasted well over an hour. The stands and fence line were almost filled to capacity. The excitement and positive nature of the crowd was truly amazing. If you weren’t able to make it, you missed out on a great evening.

Off to the side was a special tent for returning alumni. They had their own food with a special place to sit and visit. Alumni Julie Opsahl and Adam Moravick helped put together a great place for all alumni to connect for the evening. Thank you for the planning and execution that made it all possible.

After the food was served, the cheerleaders performed a fantastic routine. It wasn’t just our defending FHSAA State Champion and FCC National Champion cheerleaders, but also 17 alumni cheerleaders that came back and performed with our current team. They looked incredible as they took up a large portion of the field. Their work and their ability were both impressive. Thank you alumni for coming back! Thank you Christina Bohler for building such a strong program and instilling a love in those alumni so they would want to come back.

The undefeated MS football team was introduced as was the varsity, which is also undefeated and is the #1 ranked 2A team in the state of Florida.

The Regiment and the Color Guard did an outstanding job of performing their show on the life of Daniel. The show is well choreographed and the sound was amazing. They were especially grateful as everyone stayed in their seats and listened to them. (Normally they play at half-time and people are buying concession or using the restrooms). We are proud of our Regiment. Thank you Ben Futoran and your heavily alumni laced staff for working so hard with our students. They bring honor to the Lord and to our school with their performance.

The homecoming parade featured a number of classic cars and even a fire truck. The girls of the homecoming court were delivered to mid-field where they were met by their escorts. A short biography was read on each leading up to the crowning of Prince and Princess, King and Queen. The “crowning moment” of the night came next with Ellie Burris named Princess and Tim Lewis named Prince. Hannah Burris was crowned Queen and Daniel Llerena was crowned King. A special thank you also needs to go to the International Diamond Center for supplying the crowns as well as a gift for each of the Court members. Alum Danielle (Leclerc) Masters represented IDC in helping with the crowning and presenting of the gifts. It was great to have her back for the evening.

Saturday night’s banquet was another wonderful affair. “To Paris with Love” was the theme. The Fellowship Hall was transformed into a Parisian café that included a 20 foot tall replica of the Eiffel tower that was built by Student Council Advisor Vern Kinsey and parent John Grove. Thanks guys for all of the hours of work that you put in to construct this intricate prop. It was an amazing piece of work that had the students lining up for pictures in front of it. Another unique characteristic of this banquet is that the members of the faculty are the servers. It is a very committed group of teachers and administrators that will give up a weekend evening to serve their students. Off the top of my head I can remember at least 26 faculty members that participated. They also stayed and helped clean up afterwards. We are blessed to have such a committed, caring staff. Thank you!

A special thank you needs to go to Vern Kinsey. As the Student Council advisor the bulk of the responsibility and work of Homecoming falls on his shoulders – every year. His love and dedication to the students makes him an incredibly valuable staff member. He does have a great group of young leaders that worked very hard as well. The following officers played big roles in helping the evening be the success that it was: Carly Faller, Pres; Sam Weller, VP; Kailea Aleksin, Sec; Kaelyn Burris, Treas; Daniel Llerena, Chaplain; Hannah Burris, Director of Student Parking; Josh Smith, Chairman of Campus Security; Donovan Fitzgerald, Senior Class Pres.

So all in all, the first Homecoming without a football game was a huge success! Maybe we’ll do it again sometime. 

The event was live streamed on IRCS Live! and is available on demand. Click here.