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December 12, 2014
By Perry R. Banse, Assistant Superintendent, Middle/High School Principal

Talent is an amazing thing. The dictionary defines talent as:

  1. a special natural ability or aptitude or 
  2. a capacity for achievement or success.

A Christian definition might be “the gifts and abilities that God has given” - May I just say, IRCS has got talent! We have had the opportunity this past fall to see a considerable amount of talent in the area of athletics. Our football team finishing 2nd in the state, our cross country teams both qualifying for state with the boys finishing 3rd. We had individuals Bianca Sol Cruz in golf, Tyler Small in swimming, and Sydney Reitz in bowling all qualified for their respective state tournaments. Both our elementary and varsity cheer leaders placed first in the Florida Dance and Cheer State Championships and the Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders State Championship. All in all that is a pretty good fall! But wait, we have more talent of a different variety.

This past week alone has been like a showcase for our fine arts department. Let me recount for you three different events that I had the opportunity to witness.

On Sunday, our MS and HS choirs and the Regiment combined with the First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks to perform a Christmas musical called, “The Gift”. Our students played prominent roles in the drama scenes (written by our very own teacher, Krista McGee), added immensely to choir, sang solos, performed choreography, performed with the orchestra, and our drum line (including alumni) rocked the house with their rendition of the Little Drummer Boy. It was an incredible display of what can happen when a church and a school pool their resources for the glory of God. I am still hearing positive comments about the evening. Our students looked and sounded great.

On Monday I went with the MS choir to Heron House (an assisted living facility). There they sang a variety of Christmas songs for the residents. They did an outstanding job and were well received by all who heard them. When they were done singing, they made the rounds greeting and talking to the men and women that live there. They related well and it was a meaningful time for both the residents and our students.

Today we had an all Christmas music chapel. Again, our MS and HS choirs as well as the Regiment played and sang sounds of the season for the rest of the MS/HS student body. I was again impressed with the quality of music and how well it was performed. We have so much talent that it is almost hard to believe it. There is nothing like a little Christmas music to help with getting into the spirit. It was also nice in an age of commercialization to take some time to reflect on the true reason for the Christmas season. You can view this chapel in the archived section of the IRCS Live site that is accessible from our school website.

The key to these successes lies in the talented hands of Mrs. Rhonda Farver and Mr. Ben Futoran. These two seasoned veterans know what it takes to refine the raw talent they are given into beautiful, harmonious music. The hours of practice and preparation were evident. Thank you, Rhonda and Ben, for your investment in the lives of these students and helping to bring out their talents and abilities so that we may all enjoy them. We appreciate all of your hard work.


Watch the Christmas Chapel on IRCS Live!

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