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2,343 Out; 2,343 In

April 07, 2015
By Perry R. Banse, Assistant Superintendent, Middle/High School Principal

One of the truly amazing things that has happened over the past 14 years at IRCS is the safety that God has provided for our students and staff as they have travelled the world through our missions outreaches.

With the trips that were just completed, we have sent out 2,343 students and staff to 23 different countries and 10 different states on mission trips.  Our summer Europe trip has sent another 474 students, parents, and staff to an additional 20 countries. So over the past 14 years, over 2800 representatives of IRCS have visited 43 countries on five continents without a major incident. Not bad for a little school from Largo, Florida.

As a principal, if I dwell on the liability of what could happen with so many students out on the field, it could drive me nuts (more so than normal). Safety in travel or on the field is not a guarantee anytime you travel. Injuries and other misfortunes can occur at any time, in any place. Accidents can happen between your house and the grocery store. Fortunately, we have a few things that work in our favor as we undertake a program of this magnitude.

  1. God is good. If we are truly in the center of His will, we are safest. The obedience to the call to “go” doesn’t mean something bad will never happen, it just means God will help us through it. We cannot guarantee that there will never be an injury, accident, or incident. Sometimes things just happen. But with God’s protection we have been extremely blessed so far.

  2. Our staff is amazing. We have an incredibly talented and conscientious staff that has been doing this for quite a while. They are experienced with both students and travel. I feel very comfortable with their leadership in the field.

  3. Our missionaries are knowledgeable. The majority of our trips are to missionaries that our church has a relationship with or places we have been previously. As local residents, they know the place to go and the places not to go. They have established relationships with key people like bus drivers, schools, and neighbors. They know local customs and what is acceptable and proper. They provide great council in the planning of our itineraries. They are experts at what they do.

  4. Our praying families stand in the gap. I truly believe that the prayer that covers our trips is a real difference maker. Each and every person that prays for our teams on the field is a piece of the success they are able to experience. We would like to thank you for your faithful prayer support over the last 14 years. It really does make a difference.

So all of this adds up to – 2,343 out to the field and 2,343 safely in from the field.