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Thanks for Having Great Kids!

August 19, 2015
By Perry R. Banse, Assistant Superintendent, Middle/High School Principal

With the first week under our belts, we can say that school is off to a great start. We are currently having Spiritual Emphasis Week for the MS/HS students (all 477 of them). Our speaker, Jeff Lovingood, spent some time with me after chapel today. He was very complimentary of our students and their attentiveness to him as he spoke. He shared that he has had the opportunity to speak in many Christian schools and raved that our students are at the top of his list for behavior and attentiveness. (We knew that already though, didn’t we?)

On another note, one of our high school teachers began the year with a survey of the students in her class. She asked them, “Are you glad that you attend IRCS?” She then followed up with, “Why or why not.” Of the 137 high school students that were surveyed, 131 said yes, they are glad they attend IRCS. That is a whopping 96% approval rating! Some of the reasons they shared were:

  • I like the atmosphere
  • Everyone is very welcoming
  • I feel comfortable here
  • I learn a lot
  • Because every day I’m surrounded by loving and caring people
  • The spiritual message, teachers and friends
  • Good Christian school with Godly teachers
  • Great environment for growing Christians
  • God centered
  • Because of how involved the teachers are
  • I’m cared for and loved…

These are just a few of the comments. All were very complimentary of our school and what it provides them. The clear message was that it is Christian, like a big family, and they feel loved and cared for. As a parent (and also a grandparent), I feel great when I hear this from students.

Finally, we have a number of new teachers this year. I have had the opportunity to talk with many of them about their current experience here and what they think. They too, feel like the kids have been amazing. They also have noted the “family feel” that IRCS has and are enjoying being a part of it. One of our new teachers who came in this year with several years of experience at another school told me, “I feel like I’m finally home.” By the way, we have great teachers, too. But that will be another blog for another time.

So as I wrap this up, thank you for having great kids. Thank you for sending them to IRCS. We are excited about partnering with you for the year ahead.