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Missions Premier Night

September 09, 2015
By Perry R. Banse, Assistant Superintendent, Middle/High School Principal

This Monday night, September 14th, will be our annual Missions Premier Night for IRCS high school students. This will be the 15th year that IRCS has offered a “mini-mester” opportunity to our high school students.

In 2002 when the “mini-mester” was created, there were only two mission trips as a part of it. Other offerings included classes in chess, photography, cooking, etc. The next year we were able to offer four mission trips. After that, the week became a “ministry-mester” where practically all of the offerings were service oriented. To date, IRCS has sent 2052 students and 291 adults (2343 total) on mission trips in 10 different states and 23 different countries through this innovative program. It has changed many of the student’s lives as well as the whole spiritual climate of our school.

‚ÄčSo you may be wondering what does Monday’s Missions Premier Night entail. I’m glad you asked. We begin in the gym with everyone. We will go over what trips will be offered this year and what the process will be to apply. We will also go over some general rules that apply to all the trips. At the conclusion of that time there will be three 15 minute sessions that students and parents may attend. This gives everyone the opportunity to see a preview of three different trips in which they might be interested in participating and we will still be done right around 8:00. We ask that students and their parents then pray that God will lead them to the trip that He would want them to go on. On Friday, September 18, applications will be available for students to fill out.

After sign-ups last year, we surveyed our students to see if there was something we could do that would make the offerings more attractive or beneficial. One of the clear messages we got from the students was that they desired more trips within the United States. (We only had two last year.) This year’s offerings reflect that sentiment as we will be offering four trips that remain in the U.S. – New York City, rural Alabama, Northern Georgia, and inner-city Chicago. All of these trips will be less than $1000. We will also have four international trips that include Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and Puerto Rico. There is also the choice of local opportunities, a college visit trip, or an internship as well as the option of picking a community service option of one’s own choosing.

You can see this year’s offerings by clicking on this link. IRCS Ministry Mester Opportunities 2016

Please join us on Monday evening at 7:00 for this most wonderful time of the year.