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New Digs for the Yearbook Class

September 16, 2015
By Perry R. Banse, Assistant Superintendent, Middle/High School Principal

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away . . . oops, wrong story. Several years ago, in an effort to gain a discreet and secure location for the yearbook to be assembled, the class adopted a storage area in the upstairs of the Family Life Center. It was probably the least desirable place in the building. It had a painted concrete floor, poor lighting, mismatched furniture, some dysfunctional cabinets and no air conditioning or heat. Isn’t this every student’s idea of their favorite classroom?

Late last spring we got together with the Facilities and IT departments to determine how we might accomplish an extreme room makeover. They were extremely helpful. The room was gutted. The furniture all removed. New carpet was installed. New computer desks were purchased. New fluorescent lighting was installed. A fresh coat of paint made everything look new and clean. Additional electric and computer drops were installed. And best of all, the room now has air conditioning. Several new computers were able to be purchased with fundraiser money from last year. All in all, it is a total makeover for this once humble room.

So what does this mean for the yearbook staff? I went to the sixth period class to find out. It was kind of a turn of the tables where the normal interviewers became the interviewees. Yearbook sponsor, June Marie Rhine said, “It feels as if we are finally being recognized for all that the yearbook staff has done for the school through the years.” Student Emily Cavonis adds, “And it’s just adorable in here. We went from the ‘bat cave’ to being an actual classroom.” Junior Shannon Jones agrees, “I think will get much more work done because of the surroundings and the new computers.”

Yearbook is already off to a great start. Fifteen students and three adults spent a week in Orlando at yearbook camp. Yes, even yearbook has camp in the summer. While at the camp several awards were captured by our students. They won the “School Spirit” award for their attitude and effort. Junior Kristi Byun placed 3rd in the “Yearbook 101” class. This is a class for first time year bookers. Taylor Bryant placed 3rd in the “Sportswriters Class” and the selection she wrote was published in the Orlando Sentinel. As a side note, last year’s book was chosen by Balfour to be a part of their “National Sample” publication. This is a great honor for our school.

We are proud of our yearbook staff and their new digs. Keep up the great work! ‚Äč