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Alumni and Homecoming

October 13, 2015
By Perry R. Banse, Assistant Superintendent, Middle/High School Principal

Each year we celebrate an event called Homecoming. The whole concept of Homecoming is traditionally attributed to the University of Missouri (yes, this is the very same Missouri that 2012 IRCS grad Sean Culkin is currently playing football for). After 20 years of battling on neutral sites, the “Border War” (the rivalry between the Kansas Jayhawks and the Missouri Tigers—the oldest college football rivalry west of the Mississippi River) was to be played for the first time on a college campus due to new conference regulations. The two teams would meet on Missouri’s campus. To ensure good attendance, coach and Director of Athletics, Chester Brewer, invited alumni to “come home” for the game. The University of Illinois and Baylor University also lay claim to being the founders of Homecoming. The edge that Missouri has in being recognized as the originator is that the NCAA, Jeopardy, and Trivial Pursuit all attribute them to be the first. (You had me with Jeopardy.) Also, if we had alumni playing at one of the other two schools, we would give them more consideration.

So let this be an invitation to all IRCS alumni to come out this Friday night. Admission to our evening will be free for IRCS alumni and their families. Beginning at 6:00 there will be an Alumni Tent that will serve food and drinks. Mike’s Pizza is providing baked ziti, salad, garlic knots, brownies, and lots of other goodies for our alumni. Alums Adam Moravick and Julie Buckles Opsahl, as well as alum parents Julie Cavonis and Janette Ferguson, have been working on making this evening special for you all. We would love to see you and catch up on where you live and what you are doing.

At 7:00 will be the Class Parade and the Homecoming Court presentation. The game will kick off at 7:30 against Northside Christian. Northside is currently ranked #2 in the state so your Golden Eagles need you to come out and cheer for them in this crucial district matchup.

If you can’t make it Friday night, you are always welcome to stop in and see us. This happens on a regular basis, literally. We have an incredible group of alumni that are currently actively involved with IRCS. It starts with our teaching staff. In our preschool we currently have Ali Armstrong Dudding (2010) and Rachel Blithe (2011). Alumni currently on our elementary school staff include Ashley Marr (2010), Rachael Jones O’Connor (2010), Julie Buckles Opsahl (1998), Katelyn Sovocool (2006), Jessica Sitton McMahon (2002), Ali Raissi Richie (2009), and in the MS/HS are Tyler Bauer (2010), Duane Bunch (1998), and Sam Englebert (2006).

We have two extra-curricular areas where the majority of the staff are alumni. The Regiment led by the afore mentioned Tyler Bauer features alumni Jacob Ferretti (2010), Stathis Linardos (2010), Bryce Busjahn (2012), Casey Foley Gillingham (2012) and Andrew Whitman (2010). The Cheer team features an all alumni coaching staff led by Sarah Faller (2012), assisted by Ashton Anthony (2014), Sara McBride (2014), and Taylor Akin (2015). Our baseball team head coach is Adam Moravick (1996) and our MS baseball coach is MS Pastor Dan Pigsley (2006). Our football assistants include Sean Harvey (2010), Blake Farver (2010), and Rob Wendel (2014). We also have Carly Faller (2015) assisting in swimming and Jessica Gray (2007) in softball. And last but not least our spring musical will have Allie Faller (2009) as Assistant Director and Brittany Kennedy (2007) as Choreographer. That makes an amazing 29 alumni that are helping to make IRCS a better school.

This is a lot of alumni. I hope I didn’t miss anyone but with so many it makes it more difficult. We appreciate all of our alumni. We hope to see you this Friday!