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Gone, But Not Forgotten

January 27, 2016
By Perry R. Banse, Assistant Superintendent, Middle/High School Principal

Each year over the Christmas break, the Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders host their national competition in Orlando. Through the years, our teams have one countless national titles at the elementary, middle school, JV and varsity levels. The architect of this program was Christina Bohler.

My first year at Indian Rocks was the 2001-02 school year. That year IRCS won its first FCC National Championship with its varsity co-ed team. This set the stage for the building of a dynasty in the world of cheerleading at IRCS. Christina took our girls and transformed them into champions through her guidance and teaching. At one point IRCS won seven consecutive national titles. Now Christina did leave in the middle of this time but her teams continued to win. She then came back and added to the streak.

With the popularity of cheerleading on the rise, the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) added competitive cheerleading to its state series offerings. To this day, the cheerleaders are the only team to win an FHSAA title at Indian Rocks. Through this streak our cheer team garnered FHSAA 3 state titles, 2 second place finishes, 2 thirds, and a fourth. While Christina was not the coach for all of these titles, it was the program that she began so many years ago that continued to flourish.

At the recent FCC national competition, Christina Bohler was inducted to the National Christian Cheerleaders Hall of Fame. This is truly a fitting honor for someone who invested so much into our program. Our school was also awarded a plaque to commemorate Christina’s accomplishment.

Christina left IRCS after last school year due to her husband’s job. She currently teaches at the First Academy of Leesburg and has taken over the cheer team coaching duties there. Last week I attended an ACSI meeting that Greg Frescoln, who is the administrator of the school, also attended. He went on and on about the difference Christina has made in their cheer program and how she had taken the team to the next level. He has noticed a marked increase in their skill, knowledge, and performances. We are not surprised, are we?

On behalf of the IRCS family, we send a big congratulations to Christina on receiving this extraordinary award. We also send a big “Thank You” for all of the years of hard work and service that she invested here. She may be gone, but she is certainly not forgotten.