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I Hope You Saw It

February 23, 2016
By Perry R. Banse, Assistant Superintendent, Middle/High School Principal

This past weekend the fine arts department of Indian Rocks Christian School staged three performances of The Sound of Music. Annually we slate a big musical production. It is a great vehicle for our students that act, sing, and dance to show their talent. I have to admit that when they announced they were going to do The Sound of Music, I thought it was an ambitious undertaking. This musical is truly iconic. It is probably the most well-known musical of all time. Everyone knows songs from The Sound of Music. It also has a huge cast and requires an immense amount of work to pull it off. Also attached are a set of preconceived expectations of how it should be done. No pressure, right?

photo credit to Joey WilliamsI saw my first full run through of the musical on last Thursday. I had seen bits and pieces prior to that but had not gotten a feeling for the whole production. I had a bit part so I needed to rehearse with the rest of the cast. (Please understand I have never asked for a part in one of our musicals. In a school our size we frequently don’t have enough boys to fill all the roles. This means that many times our male faculty members are asked if they would help contribute.) Anyway, back to my story. As I watched each scene unfold with all of the different characters my amazement grew. I could tell that even though this was the first full rehearsal with the microphones and costumes, this was going to be a very special event to all who attended. After the rehearsal I pulled the director, Mrs. June-Marie Rhine, aside and told her, “I don’t want to jinx it but I think this may be the best musical production in the history of the school.”

photo credit to Joey WilliamsIt was! Comments that I heard after to production ranged from amazing to incredible and fabulous. Maybe what made it so exceptional is that there were no weaknesses. The acting was phenomenal. Each of the characters were cast perfectly. It is rare when after a performance you look at what happened and you can’t think of any role that could have been done better by someone else. We had all the right students in exactly the right roles, and it showed. The music was extraordinary. We actually had people ask us after the performance if we used a soundtrack with voices in it because it sounded so professional. Nope, just our students performing live. From the nun choir to the Von Trapp family and extending to the soloists, the music was exceptional. We had great choreography.

Thank you to all of you who attended the musical. On Friday night the crowd went over the 500 mark with a three performance total of 1030. I know you weren’t disappointed in the incredible job these students did.

Thank you seniors for stepping up and providing the leadership to help make this an incredible success. Your abilities and experience helped to train the younger students in what success looks like.

Thank you rookie actors for trying out. This production had a number of students that were in their very first “big” production. You displayed awesome talent that will make our fine arts program shine for years to come.

Thank you chorus members and nuns. You don’t get a lot of recognition but what you did added so much to the musical. It couldn’t have been the same without you.

Thank you to all the volunteers that built sets, painted, procured props, cleaned up, and did everything else necessary for success.

Thank you to the adult leadership team who made it all happen – June Marie Rhine, Executive Director / Producer; Carly Faller, Director; Rhonda Farver, Vocal Director; Cindi Banse, Assistant Director; Brittany Kennedy, Choreography; Daniel Joyner, Accompanist;  Richard Radloff, Sound Engineer; Jacob Ferretti, Lighting Engineer; and Lisa Tully, Costume Mistress.



photo credit to Joey Williams


Some photos courtesy of Joey Williams.