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Grad Vocations

August 26, 2016
By Perry R. Banse, Assistant Superintendent, Middle/High School Principal

A request was made recently from our marketing department to compile noteworthy information on a variety of different areas of IRCS successes. In doing so, some amazing facts have come to light. I fired off an email blast to our teachers asking for their help and it turned out to be extremely valuable in the gathering of information. The first question asked of them was what vocations they knew of that our graduates have chosen for a career path. This is significant for two reasons. First, that we have longevity of staff tenure. This means that many of our teachers have been here long enough to know the answers for which we were looking. Secondly, that they cared. We have an incredible group of teachers that love our grads and have stayed connected to them. I was somewhat surprised and very pleased when I saw the results.

One very unique vocation our alumni have chosen is those who go into the ministry. We have had 41 students go into full time Christian service in a church, a Christian school, or to serve as a missionary. This is truly our heartbeat and the area of which we are the proudest. We currently have 11 alumni teaching at IRCS right now and another 8 that are coaching for us. We have a display board in the hall of the MS/HS building that commemorates all of the students that have gone into ministry related vocations.

The military has been a strong attractor of IRCS grads. Through the years we have had 45 students go on to serve in a branch of the military. Two of our grads, Frank Gross and Matt Sitton (both from the Class of 2004), have given the ultimate sacrifice for their country while serving in Afghanistan. We appreciate our grads who have been willing to serve our country. There is also a military board in our hallway honoring those who have served.

We have a number of graduates in the field of education. We currently know of 35 of our alumni that have gone on to become educators at levels from Pre-School through college. That makes us feel good because we would like to think that our staff and school had some bearing on giving them a positive taste for education so that they would want to pursue it as a vocation. I have had grads tell me that they want to be like (fill in the blank) a specific teacher because of how that teacher impacted their life.

We also have an outstanding showing in the medical field. We believe we have produced 14 doctors or physician’s assistants, 20 nurses, and 8 others that work in medical related areas. This too, is an area of which we are very proud.

All of these are impressive, but there may be more. These are just the ones that we know about. If you are aware of any IRCS grads that are working in the above mentioned areas (ministry, military, education, or medical), please send me an email telling us about them. I have compiled lists of the names that the teachers have given me. If you email I will compare what you send me to our list to see that we have everyone included. IRCS has had 22 graduating classes so there is a good chance that we don’t know what all of our grads are doing. You can email me at . We would love to hear from you.