Private Christian Elementary Schools in Pinellas County - IRCS Leading the Way!

Private Christian Elementary Schools Pinellas County - Indian Rocks Christian School
Private Christian Elementary Schools in Pinellas County - Indian Rocks Christian School

During the early formative years, making learning meaningful is the cornerstone for stimulating young minds and fostering confidence.  Indian Rocks' elementary school differs from other private Christian elementary schools in that our elementary school program is designed to give students both the academic underpinnings they’ll need for college (and beyond) with a spiritual footing that will give true meaning to everything they learn. Here at our campus in Pinellas County, experienced teachers with a Christ-centered worldview work together with parents to build this firm foundation for learning.

Our comprehensive elementary school curriculum is combined with hands-on learning activities that reflect that God Pinellas County Elementary Schools - IRCSis the source of all knowledge, truth and understanding.  Our elementary school program is unique from the curriculum of many private Christian elementary schools in Pinellas County, Florida.  Reading, spelling, math, language, science, social studies and Bible make up the building blocks to our program.  Special instruction in computers, art, music, Spanish, library skills and physical education rounds out our curriculum.

But at IRCS we go a step further. We strive to help pupils develop a consistent Christian philosophy of life by integrating all subjects with the Bible.

Limited elementary school class size allows for each child to grow and reach their potential as passionate teachers strive to develop student's individual gifts and abilities. Students are encouraged to connect the classroom to real life experiences, by participating in a variety of curriculum-related and community outreach Pinellas County Elementary Schools, Indian Rocks Christian Schoolfield trips.

As an example, fifth graders in our elementary school journey through time on a three-day trip to historic St. Augustine, develop life skills as they prepare for a hands-on commerce and trade trip to Enterprise Village, and participate in a holiday community outreach. Creative opportunities like these foster a deeper understanding of life-long learning and a biblical world and life view.

The Bible teaches us in Psalm 127 that "children are a heritage from the Lord, a reward from Him."  It would be a great honor to have you and your children as part of the Indian Rocks Christian School community here in Pinellas County.

"Watch Us Soar!"


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