Private Christian High School in Pinellas County

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Simply put, the goal of Indian Rocks high school program is to be distinctively Christian in all that we do while providing the highest quality education, activities and experiences possible.  

Over the past 10 years we have seen 98 percent of our graduates go on to colleges or universities to further their education. Last year’s senior class received more than a million dollars in scholarship offers.  

Spiritually, success may be a little more difficult to measure, but we see it every year at our private Christian high school in Pinellas County, Florida.  We see the children we’ve taught by example become examples themselves to the younger students. We see the young souls that we’ve tried to convince that God’s hand is in all of man’s affairs, making those connections on their own. We see the students we’ve cared for over the years become caregivers themselves.

The highlight of our year is our Ministry Mester. We take a week of school and set regular classes aside to involve students in service projects. The projects may be local, in the state, in the U.S., or another country. Our students are already changing the world by being willing to serve. This service has impacted the atmosphere of our school and our community. These trips coupled with our summer Europe trip have placed students and adults in more than 40 countries over the past ten years.

The high school years shape students into the young adults they become. At IRCS success has become the norm and the students love coming to school. We invite you to take a tour of our campus and see that success for yourself, and decide if IRCS is the right place for your children to spend these years.


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