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Posted: August 6, 2013 | Author: Walter Weller | Category: Education

I have been on the job for a month and I want to share my initial perceptions as I transition from the public school system to Indian Rocks Christian School.  Without a question, the primary difference separating the two systems is the position God holds, and this really makes a difference!

When I worked in the public schools I prayed, I even had parents who came on a campus to pray for the school.  However, it must be noted the official stance taken by these organizations regarding prayer is completely different.

The prayers I referred to were personal and somewhat private.  Because they went undetected by the system nothing happened, had they been public or a part of the regular day they would not have been tolerated.

At IRCS prayer is a way of work, and thankfully so.  Meetings are opened with prayer, interviews with prospective students and employees are opened with prayer and decisions are made after prayerful consideration.  While this may seem cliché or even described by some as being weak, I have a different perspective and would ask our readers to consider the following position.

If we were undertaking a building project and we had access to the architect or contractor, wouldn’t we talk to them?  I personally could not imagine not maintaining constant communication with these critical persons during the project, especially if you want the finished product to match what you have planned.   I remember a recent construction project I was part of where the communication between the architect, the contractor and the person responsible for the property was not clear or regular.  The end result was the project went off task and progressed poorly with a lot of people pointing fingers in blame.

The bottom line is this: we have a direct line to the architect of everything.   We have to make the decision to communicate with Him or not.  Looking at it from the perspective mentioned above, I am sure if our architect or contractor gave us their number to call whenever we had questions or concerns, that they might actually regret giving us their phone numbers.  Thankfully, this is not true with God.
Many Biblical characters experiencing unnecessary difficulties share this common trait, being separated from and not in tune with God.  Maybe that is why, we are taught in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” (NRSV)

Of course this is my perspective, and I receive great comfort in knowing my peers approach every day and every issue with prayer.  It is important to me that my children are influenced by people who realize the need and are willing to pray.

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