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A very unique opportunity in the life of a school is when the school has the opportunity to hire one of their graduates to come back and teach. It is an interesting dynamic for both the old and the new teachers. As a school we feel flattered that an alumnus would want to come back and be a part of the school from which they graduated.

This could mean one of many things:

  1. They believe in the mission and vision of the school and want to be a part of shaping students’ lives.
  2. They appreciated their educational experience enough when they were here that they want to be a part of it as a vocation.
  3. They enjoyed their teachers enough that they would want to continue a relationship with them on the peer level.
  4. OR, all of the above.

We had the opportunity over the summer to hire several alumni to join a strong contingent that were already here. Here is a rundown of all of the alumni that currently teach at IRCS.

  • Brittany Kennedy, Class of 2007 – PreSchool
  • Allie Armstrong Dudding*, Class of 2010 – PreSchool
  • Rachael Jones O’Conner, Class of 2010 – 2nd Grade
  • Julie Buckles Opsahl, Class of 1998 – 3rd Grade
  • Katelyn Sovocool*, Class of 2006 – 3rd Grade
  • Jessica Sitton McMahon, Class of 2002 – 5th Grade
  • Duane Bunch, Class of 1998 – MS/HS Computers
  • Sam Englebert*, Class of 2006 – HS Math
  • Chris Corcoran*, Class of 2004 – HS Social Studies
  • Adam Moravick, Class of 1996 – Head Varsity Baseball Coach

* means new this school year

Apparently statistically speaking, you have a much better chance (9 out of 10) of coming back and teaching at IRCS if you graduated in a year ending with an even number. That makes Brittany special (notice I refrained from calling her odd as I did when I saw her earlier this morning). If you look at this in the form of percentages, 15% of our teaching staff is now made up of alumni. We also have a number of alumni help in coaching sports, music, and drama as well as working in different ministries of the church.

We have a goal of trying to send 25% of our graduates each year to a Christian college with the hope that they will go into a full time Christian vocation. In the next few weeks we will be unveiling a board in our lower hallway that commemorates IRCS graduates that have gone into full time Christian service. Be on the lookout for that.

Be sure to welcome our alumni teachers.

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