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Posted: December 2, 2014 | Author: Julie Cavonis | Category: Admissions, Student Life, Education

Lights, camera, action! – Every morning at 9:44, each student at Indian Rocks Christian School turns their attention to the television in their classroom. They are caught up on the latest news, the day’s weather, and recent sports results from the on-screen presenters. But this daily report doesn’t come from the local news station – instead it comes from their classmates. Produced primarily by students, alongside our knowledgeable faculty, The Morning Show, a daily live broadcast, is just one of many ways the students at Indian Rocks Christian School get hands-on experience in digital arts.

Real World Technology Education

In a world of seemingly endless technology, there is quite a lot to take in. It can be difficult to tell what is useful development and what is useless distraction. At IRCS, our digital arts program’s IRCS Live!, headed up by Charlie Hall, seeks to give students real-world knowledge and experience in using the latest video production and internet streaming technology. From writing, to shooting, to editing, to on-air performance, students learn to harness digital tools to further their education and character.

Hands-on Skills

It takes a wide range of skills to put together a video broadcast. Working with IRCS Live!, students will be a part of our TechTeam, learning technical skills such as camera operation, audio, computer graphics, video editing and more. Working with the latest equipment, software, and production methods, our students are able to learn at the forefront of technology, rather than playing catch-up. Students are also able to develop their writing abilities, and public speaking skills as they work on-camera – skills that translate from the production studio, to the classroom, and beyond. In addition to advancing their skill sets, students learn effective scheduling, teamwork and the importance of meeting deadlines, knowledge that will help them succeed as they go forward from IRCS.

Building Community

Student involvement in their school can have a profound effect on their development, academically and personally. Through IRCS Live!, students are able to build a strong relationship with their school by working alongside knowledgeable faculty and creating the daily Morning Show, as well as covering several of the school’s athletic events, concerts, weekly Chapel service, graduations, and more. Students have the opportunity to not just witness what’s happening at IRCS, but are able to help share the school with every student, parent, and alumnus. Through these relationships, students learn to focus on not only what they can get from their school, but what they can give back, with former students even returning to volunteer with IRCS Live! after graduating.

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