10 Questions to Ask When Touring Private Schools

Posted: October 17, 2017 | Author: IRCS Administration Team | Category: Admissions

So you’ve got some school tours lined up and want to make sure you use your time on campus wisely. Awesome! This is an exciting time for your family, and choosing the right private school will set your child up for lifelong success.

You likely already have some questions on your mind. This list will help you fill in the gaps and ensure you get a total picture of the opportunities at hand.

What is your maximum class size?

As you’re touring the campus and exploring classrooms, the average class size might be obvious. However, many parents like to know that a private school has a cap in place to ensure individual attention remains a reality. Inquire about the largest classes on campus and the smallest for further insight.

What security measures are in place here?

Don’t be afraid to ask about things like campus security, staff background checks, and other security matters. Your child’s safety is of utmost important to you, and school should be a place where he or she feels safe physically and emotionally secure.

How is technology used on campus?

You’re looking to find out how the school uses technology to enhance the learning process, but at the same time, you want to know that measures are in place to ensure digital safety. Ask about devices used in the classroom, as well as any equipment your child might be responsible for outside the classroom.

What after-school activities are available?

Extracurricular activities can enrich your child’s life and help him or her discover unique passions. Ask about athletics, fine arts programs, or any interest-based clubs that may be of interest to your student. Working parents may also want to ask about after-school care options.

How can parents be involved here?

It’s a great idea to get a feel for the various ways families can stay engaged with their child’s school life.  A school that values parent involvement should offer multiple opportunities throughout the year, including options for working parents.

Tell us about your school’s behavior management system.

Discipline is never an easy subject to bring up, but it’s a good idea to know how the school you are considering handles negative behaviors. Some schools use a card or stoplight system for younger students while discipling older students with a demerit system.

What unique student activities does the school offer?

An enriching student experience goes beyond the classroom. Ask about field trips, mission trips, service projects, and other annual activities that your child can enjoy. These learning opportunities broaden horizons and foster personal growth that is beneficial for life after grade school.

Describe the culture on campus.
This open-ended question can allow you to learn a lot about the school community. What words come up when you ask this question? Friendly and welcoming? Driven and competitive? Relationship-driven? Christ-centered? Know what you are looking for, but at the same time, be open-minded as those who know the school culture best share their insights.

How do you address learning differences?

Every child learns at his or her own pace. It’s a great idea to know how the school differentiates teaching to meet diverse student needs. Is tutoring available for students facing challenges in tough subjects? Are advanced courses offered to the academically driven student? Knowing what opportunities are available can help you decide whether your child will be set up for success.

What is the school community most proud of?

This helps you get a strong sense of the school’s greatest accomplishments. Are they most proud of their college acceptance rate? Their winning football team? The number of community service hours their students complete each year? Knowing where school stands out will certainly help your decision process.

How are fundraising dollars used here?

All private schools depend on the generosity of donations from their loyal supporters. As a prospective parent, you may wish to learn more about how these dollars are used. To support classroom enhancement? To help struggling families afford tuition? Professional development for educators? If you plan on getting involved, asking this question is especially important.

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