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Posted: November 28, 2017 | Author: IRCS Administration Team | Category: Education

Have you noticed all the talk about high school STEM education? This is because we know that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are at the core of so many satisfying and highly sought-after jobs in today’s world! But for students to enter impactful STEM careers, they first need to become excited by the possibilities that await them. We’ve compiled a list of some compelling options that could ignite a student’s passion for these disciplines.

Big Data is In Big Demand
Today’s students are true digital natives. They’re generally comfortable and competent with a wide range of technology platforms that might leave mom and dad a little bewildered. That competency could be the start of career in what’s called Big Data Analysis, the field which examines large and varied data sets to uncover patterns, market trends, customer preferences and other useful information that can help organizations make more informed business decisions. Computer Science is at the center of Big Data!

For Students Who Want to Change Lives
Our IRCS students are high in compassion and caring about their world – evidence of God at work in their lives! A natural extension of that compassion could be a field like Biomedical Engineering where workers can use science and chemistry to create new pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, or innovative treatment – all directly improving lives.

What’s That in the Sky?
Drone technology clearly isn’t just a fad or a hobby; it’s an expanding field with applications that range from agriculture to environmental mapping, from security to reconnaissance, and from delivering packages to sophisticated warfare. This field could capture the attention of students who are adept at using a video game controller, but there’s so much more involved than that!  A related area is Robotics, where Computer Science and Electrical Engineering walk hand in hand.

Mission Not-So-Impossible
What student wouldn’t love a good action/adventure thriller?  Unfortunately, though, the real-life threats of cybercrime, data breaches, and terrorist threats will heighten the need for Information Security Analysts. They’ll be needed in business and government agencies to protect all of us from dangers we can’t even imagine. Programming and problem-solving skills are in high demand.


For the Creatives Among Us
Most of us have seen and been amazed by the way 3D printing has impacted our world. From product design to architecture to innovative medical treatments and prosthetic devices, the field of 3D Printing Engineering could appeal to the creative student who has a desire to merge creativity with technology. The variety of materials used in 3D printing continues to grow (beyond plastics to ceramic, steel, and more), adding jobs for Additive Manufacturing Specialists as well.  

It’s Not Easy Being Green
Students who care about God’s amazing creation might want to consider Environmental Engineering as a field for understanding and solving problems that relate to air and water pollution, erosion, and energy use. Through multidisciplinary studies in chemistry, atmospheric science, and geology, students can be assured that they’ll be on the leading edge of positive change.

Predicting a High Likelihood of Success!
Did you know that Statisticians are in high demand? While a student’s interest might be captured by pointing them to familiar sports statistics, they might also be intrigued to know that fields like medicine, agriculture, and urban planning rely on the same math skills.  Statisticians help make plans and projections that support medical research, demographics, agriculture, marketing, economics, and much more.

The need for qualified applicants in all STEM fields is projected to keep growing at a rapid pace. That’s why the high school STEM program at Indian Rocks Christian School also continues to grow as we prepare students for tomorrow’s marketplace here in Largo, Florida and around the world. Thanks to events like our recent STEM benefit auction, the planned STEM Research and Communication Center, and the team efforts led by IRCS STEM Director Tracy Springman, our students receive the foundational STEM training they need to be successful in college and beyond.

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