We’re All In This Together

Posted: February 27, 2018 | Author: Perry R. Banse | Category: Student Life, Academics

We’re All In This Together

This past weekend the Fine Arts Department of Indian Rocks Christian School staged four performances of the Disney production High School Musical. The reviews have been fabulous. Once again our students have pooled their talents to provide a synergy that allowed them to perform a challenging musical at an incredibly high level. This year also launched our first dinner theatre offering on Thursday evening. The room was decorated elegantly, the food was fantastic and the show was amazing.

It is one thing to have students that excel at acting, or singing, or even dancing; but to accomplish all three of these so well in one production is extraordinary, especially when you consider the size of the cast. I tell people all the time how talented our students are and this weekend it once again showed to be true. The closing number featured all 47 cast members in a complicated display of choreography that was in tight unison and formation. If you didn’t see it, it is truly difficult to find the words to adequately describe how spectacular this production really was or how incredibly proud I am of our Fine Arts Department.

It is so hard to start the “thank you parade” without leaving someone out but I am going to make the attempt.

Thank you students for all of the hours and hours of hard work you put into rehearsals. Your dedication truly showed in the magnificent outcome.

Thank you seniors for stepping up and providing the leadership to help make this an incredible success. Your abilities and experience helped to train the younger students in what success looks like. It is a great legacy to leave our drama department.

Thank you rookie actors for trying out. This production had a number of students that were in their very first “big” production with IRCS. You displayed awesome talent that will make our fine arts program shine for years to come.

Thank you chorus members. You don’t get a lot of recognition but what you did added so much to the musical. It couldn’t have been the same without you.

Thank you backstage and technical people. Your unselfishness to be willing to work behind the scenes allowed those on the stage to do their best.

Thank you to all the volunteers and parents that built sets, painted, procured props, decorated, sold flowers or water, cleaned up, and did everything else necessary for success.

Thank you to Food Service for helping to make dinner theatre possible with the outstanding meal. Also for supplying concessions during the show.

Thank you Julie Pigsley for helping us organize and decorate the dinner theatre.

Thank you to Facilities for helping us wherever needed.

Thank you Jaylin Photography for the incredible “head shots” of our students.

Thank you JillTed Florist for donating the flowers sold as a fundraiser for the drama department.

Thank you to the leadership team of Director Carly Faller, Music Director Rhonda Farver, Assistant Director Cindi Banse and Choreography Director Brittany Kennedy for putting in the hours to work with our students that resulted in this phenomenal show.

Thank you Charlie Hall for videoing this impressive production. Blu-Ray and DVD Discs are available to purchase.

Thank you to everyone who attended. The energy of the crowd greatly enhances the performance of the students. We are grateful for your support of the drama department at IRCS.

Until next year . . .

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