5 Things We Look for When Hiring New Teachers

Posted: March 5, 2018 | Author: IRCS Administration Team | Category: Education, Academics

Think back for a moment to your own experience in school. What do you remember most vividly? For many of us, memories of school have more to do with specific people than with any lesson, assignment, achievement, activity, or campus feature. That’s what prompts alumni to return to campus and reconnect with their favorite teachers!

The foundational influence of teachers is a major factor to consider as you weigh your school choice options. How can you ensure your child will have truly excellent teachers?  Consider the characteristics we look for when hiring a new teacher.

1.They’re Focused on a Mission That Matters
Parents considering a Christian school are usually looking for a setting where a biblical worldview is part of every aspect of the school day. For that to be a reality, each teacher in a private Christian School should be a committed Christ follower who is serious about his or her faith and who is fully on board with the school’s Mission and Statement of Faith.

2. They’re Qualified, Competent, Lifelong Learners
It’s not enough to merely have a teaching degree. Truly excellent teachers need to meet all the professional qualifications, demonstrate a desire to grow in their field, and be willing to take on the challenge of staying up-to-date with constantly changing technology. Keeping on top of current best practices in education is no small feat, and that often takes place during summer break. Did we mention that these folks are hard workers?

3. They Love Kids and Teaching
Let’s be honest: teaching is not for the faint of heart! Those who stand out believe that they’re pursuing a calling. They consider the whole child: mind, body, and spirit. They connect with students and parents to learn what’s happening outside the classroom, and they understand the role of school in a child’s life. They’re not teaching subjects; they’re teaching students.

4.Their Character Matters
Truly great teachers are godly role models and mentors. And while they’re not superheroes, they do need to be people of consistent Christian character who can help provide the safe and God-honoring environment that parents seek. That goes for administrators, coaches, and support staff as well! These folks are prime influencers in your child’s life, so they need to be above reproach.

5. They Keep It Real
Good teachers don’t come from an assembly line, so their personalities and temperaments are as diverse as their students. While good teachers can have demeanors that range from quiet and reflective to bubbly and dramatic, they share a common desire to maintain open and honest communication with students, parents, and colleagues. They’re collaborative and approachable.

Let’s circle back to that first qualification: teachers focused on a mission that matters. We’re thankful that parent reviews highlight the very real difference Indian Rocks Christian School teachers make:

“What a great group of dedicated Christian staff.  It is such a good feeling when we drop our girls off in the morning knowing they are in good hands with teachers that care.  Both of our girls really enjoy the school.” – Ilian, IRCS Parent

“This school has outstanding teachers and staff that truly care for each student. The encouragement, Christ-like attitudes, and mission trip opportunities helped build a solid foundation in my life.” – Brandi, IRCS Alumni

The best way to get an up-close look at IRCS’s outstanding faculty, staff, and administration is to schedule a school tour so you can meet these talented professionals and see them in action.

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