Music & The Mind: 4 Ways Music Changes the Brain

Posted: May 8, 2018 | Author: IRCS Administration Team | Category: Student Life

Tuning In To Your Child’s Potential

It’s been proven time and time again: music is good for the brain. It’s especially good for the developing brain — the one in elementary or middle school, the one in SAT prep, or the brain beginning to grasp what possibilities the future holds. When your child is singing in the choir, playing in the marching band, or participating in the spring musical (more on that below), his or her mind is prepping for the performance of a lifetime.

  1. A Memory Hack
    Music has been known to stimulate parts of the brain that involve memory-making. When music is a part of your student’s life, they are more likely to recall not only sounds but visual images, as well, enhancing their ability to learn.
  2. Emotional Intelligence
    Musical children are proven to be more emotionally perceptive. Your child’s rate of response to emotional cues from teachers and friends increases when they’ve been spending time in the band room, training that ear.
  3. Sharper Attention
    Attention span is often one of the greatest challenges for today’s students, and music is one of the best antidotes on hand. Neurological studies show that people with musical backgrounds have a greater capacity to pick out what’s important in a noisy environment, and are therefore better able sustain focus. 
  4. Language Fluency
    The flexible young mind has a wonderful advantage when it comes to learning foreign languages. But language isn’t just for French class. Particularly in choir, where students often perform pieces in foreign languages, music acts as the perfect tutor: repetition and emphasis on sound make difficult words and concepts stick.

Making Music at IRCS

The Indian Rocks Christian School music and drama directors are highly experienced and passionate about glorifying God through creative expression — and helping students discover that expression for themselves. On our Largo, Florida campus, we offer choir, concert band, marching band, and musical participation through the ever-popular musical each spring. In short, we make it possible for every student to experience music as an enriching part of their lives and education.

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