Making the Most of Your Summer: 8 Amazing Benefits of Summer Camp

Posted: June 15, 2018 | Author: nsm | Category: Student Life

As the days grow longer and the temperatures rise, kids across the country are looking forward to their summer break, while parents ask themselves “how will I fill up these three months off?”

Summer break can fly by, and some parents may find themselves wondering if they helped their child get the most out of their time off. Summer camps are a great way to inject some fun, creative learning into a child’s break from school.

You may hear “summer camps” and think back to week-long experiences sharing bunkhouses and playing in a lake, but the word has taken on a whole new meaning recently. It’s not just campfires and kickball. Now, there are day camps, morning camps, camps that teach kids how to cook, camps that teach computer coding, and so many more. Here are eight benefits of summer camp that will help your child get the most out of their time away from the classroom.

Kids Get to Learn a New Skill
While traditional school programs will help students learn math, science, and reading, not very many exist to teach kids how to shoot a free throw or design a video game. Summer camps can help expose your child to a world beyond a school’s core curriculum, allowing them to get a taste of a brand new experience. Even though some camps only last a day or two, that little bit of exposure can spark a lifetime of curiosity and passion, whether in technology, writing, a specific sport, or a bevy of other topics.

Curb the Summer Slide
The summer slide — the phenomenon where children lose academic progress from the start of summer to the end of summer — can impact students who don’t stay intellectually engaged throughout the break. To help ensure your child retains the information they gained during the school year, it is important that they continue to challenge themselves both mentally and physically. Summer camps stimulate the mind and keep your child learning even while class is not in session.

At Summer Camp, Teamwork is Key
Summer camps provide a unique opportunity for children to learn the dynamics of working together in a team-oriented environment. Kids learn to collaborate, communicate, and make decisions while they explore new, interesting concepts. Even at an early age, these social interactions teach children life lessons that will help them develop into strong team players and future leaders.

Flexing Creativity
Kids, by their very nature, possess a penchant for the creative. They are at their best when given the space to imagine and create. Summer camps create these spaces while giving children the support to go beyond their limitations, whether through teaching new skills or by giving them access to tools they otherwise wouldn’t have. There are no grades at summer camp, which allows student to focus on the true goals of summer camp: to create, to experience something new, and to discover a world they may have been previously unaware of.

Friendships that Last a Lifetime
There is nothing quite like the joy of finding a new friend. At camp, kids will find like-minded people who share their passions, essentially allowing them to build an instant connection over the sport or subject they are learning more about. While the lessons and skills they will learn can prove valuable for the future, these friendships can have just as deep an impact.

Mentors that Matter
Research has highlighted the importance of healthy mentoring relationships between adults and children. When students can find adult role models to help guide them, they grow intellectually, interpersonally, and emotionally. In a classroom where a teacher’s focus can be divided among many students, kids may have a difficult time finding adults to establish these kinds of relationships with. Summer camps allow children to meet with and learn from adults who share similar interests and who can inspire them to continue to develop their passions.  

Building Self-Esteem through Independence
Regardless of age, it is important that kids feel a certain sense of independence and purpose. Summer camps can help children develop this sense of self-efficacy by allowing them to dictate their learning in a project-based environment. While each day will have more structure than a regular summer vacation day, kids will have the freedom to make decisions, express themselves, and create something all within a field that they chose.

The Fun Factor
In the neverending pursuit to create well-rounded and productive members of society, it’s important to remind ourselves that sometimes you just need to let kids be kids. It’s summer vacation, and that means that the memories kids create in their time away from the classroom should be defined, at least in part, by fun! It just so happens that at summer camp, your kids will have a blast while benefiting in all the ways previously listed.

Discover Summer Camps at Indian Rocks Christian School
Indian Rocks Christian School provides an array of summer camps to help kids get the most out of their summer vacation. While some camps are only available to students currently enrolled at IRCS, others are opened to all children in and around Largo, FL. Whether they are interested in learning baseball super skills, creating slime, or any number of other topics, these programs can help your child beat the summer heat with educational fun!

For more information about our summer camp offerings, download our brochure today!

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