Lives Forever Impacted: Catching Up with IRCS Alumni

Posted: August 22, 2018 | Author: IRCS Administration Team | Category: Academics

Lives Forever Impacted: Catching Up with IRCS Alumni

How do you measure success? For a school, especially one that strives to help students achieve academic excellence, the measure is generally understood through the success of its graduates. Do students leave with the preparation they need for college and beyond? And with a distinctively Christ-focused school, do the graduates demonstrate the Christian commitment and character that are central to the school’s mission?

Thankfully, we have some experts who can answer these questions ­­­­–– alumni experts! When we reached out to grads to learn how their experience at IRCS impacted their lives, we were overwhelmed with their passionate feedback.

Motivated to Teach

Carly Faller ’15, aspires to a career in education so she can follow the example of teachers and administrators who built into her life during her 13 years at IRCS: “Your guidance has instilled in me a sense of compassion, and a strong foundation in our Lord and Savior that can never be taken away. It has inspired me to be that for other young people!”

From Challenge to Triumph

Yasmin Franco ’13, entered IRCS with some learning challenges that required a bit of extra help, but today she’s a successful nurse who works in a cardiac ICU unit. She grew to love math and science and eventually earned a full college scholarship and graduated magna cum laude. “It all started with the math and science teachers at IRCS. I had a hard time, and you always spent extra time with me. I cannot thank you enough!” Reflecting on her work today: “I love what I do!”

Teachers and Coaches Were Mentors

Cole Krajeski ’13 will forever recall amazing teachers who cared and went the extra mile to help him. He has fond memories of a physics teacher who came in before school on test days to help students review, and a history teacher who kept the subject fun and modeled how to be a leader outside of class through track. A cross country coach “repeatedly told us that running is not the most important thing, glorifying God is what’s most important in this life.”

Life-changing Experiences

Nicole Ledford ’98, a public school teacher, recalls the impact of a missions trip to Jamaica: “It was my first exposure to poverty, seeing what it felt like to be a minority, learning so much about the world we live in, and wanting to help someone less fortunate. I’d never realized how privileged I was until that trip. Here I am, 20 years later, sharing that story with my students.”

Leadership Modeled

Now serving overseas in missions, Jimmy Bunch ’00, pointed to the way IRCS developed him as a leader through the example of godly role models: “So many of the teachers there were very influential. I was given the space to develop skills that I now see as an integral part of my role in missions.”

What Grads Value Most

Repeatedly, alumni told us that they treasured the life-changing relationships they experienced with faculty and coaches. From bonding with teachers during the Mini-Mester, to seeing faculty members go the extra mile to help them, grads echoed appreciation for the way IRCS’s team built into their lives:

“IRCS shaped who I am today.”

“The teachers at IRCS made sure we felt like family to them.”

“I learned how to be authentic.”

“I look forward to being a teacher so I can be like Mr. Banse and impact my future students’ lives!”

“Teachers were so patient with me.”

“I don’t think I would be where I am today without their help and encouragement.”

“I am so grateful for the teachers who prayed for me and helped lay a solid spiritual foundation in the Word of God.”

“Every single one of my teachers provided me with knowledge and experiences that have shaped me into who I am today. Christ’s love was reflected.”

“I felt better prepared for the colleges I attended and for the career world compared to others my age.”

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