Why Should You Invest in a Christian Education for Your Child?

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We’re fortunate to live in a time when we have options for how and where we’ll educate, train, and nurture our children. Well-meaning neighbors, friends, and family members may offer their opinions, but in the end, it’s up to parents to decide what educational environment will influence the course of our children’s lives. They’re precious to us, and we have one chance to get it right! Among all the options to choose from, why should you invest in a Christian education?

A Christian Education Impacts the Whole Child

Your child isn’t just an empty vessel waiting to be filled with facts. He or she is an amazingly complex creation with a mind, body, heart, and spirit. A Christian education gives context to the academic disciplines and relates each of them to God’s revelation of Himself. In a world where “truth” is increasingly viewed as relative and subject to each person’s interpretation, a Christian education underscores the eternal and universal truth of God’s word.

It Offers a Worldview That Gives Meaning to Life

When all subjects are taught through the perspective of God’s word and His redemptive plan, children grow in awareness that they’re part of something so much larger than just the here and now. One of the stated objectives of Indian Rocks Christian School is to lead every student to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. As children place their faith in Christ and begin to understand God’s purpose for their lives, they see that lifelong learning increases their effectiveness and glorifies God.

As students grow intellectually and spiritually, they are encouraged to think deeply and critically about the societal issues that run counter to a biblical worldview. What better place to ask the tough questions of life than in a Christian school, surrounded by caring teachers who are passionate about their calling as disciple makers?      

There’s a Solid Partnership Between School and Home

When parents, teachers, and administrators are in sync with the same goals and objectives, students can’t help but benefit! Teachers who are committed to their Christian faith and who live it out in the classroom serve as role models and mentors to their students. They understand the primary role of parents and provide a supportive link between the classroom and the home.

Leaders are Grown Here

A Christian education — one where Christ is at the center — provides real-life opportunities for students to live out and share the Gospel. They learn what servant leadership is all about as they see it modeled by the adults all around them. Most importantly, students find joy in their calling to make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ.

It’s a Greenhouse for Solid Friendships

We know our children are likely to develop friendships in many arenas of life, from their neighborhood, to community athletic teams, to musical groups, to clubs. And while those can all be healthy incubators for relationships, wouldn’t you like your child’s most impactful friendships to be based on a common Christian foundation?

It’s an Eternal Investment

When you consider other investments in life, you’re sure to analyze what the return will be on those investments. And while you can’t track the benefits of a Christian education on a traditional balance sheet, you can be assured that an investment in your child through a Christ-centered education will bear eternal benefits. In what other educational setting will your child

  • learn the essential doctrines of the Christian faith,
  • be encouraged to know and do the will of God,
  • develop a biblical sense of right and wrong,
  • learn reverence for God and all authority, and
  • and use biblical principles for evaluating life’s decisions?

Learn More

If you value an education where the Christian worldview, curriculum, and teachers will support your child’s growth in mind, body, heart, and spirit, then we invite you to consider Indian Rocks Christian School. As a private Christian school in Largo, FL, IRCS has a solid track record of providing the highest quality Christian education in an environment of genuine love and concern for each student and parent.

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