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Posted: January 28, 2019 | Author: Perry R. Banse | Category: Student Life, Academics

Sara with Mr. Glenn Fine – Acting Inspector General of the Department of Defense

When Sara McBride graduated from IRCS in the Class of 2014, she really didn’t have any idea what she would be doing five years in the future. She was an undecided major her first two years at USF St. Petersburg. She then took a few accounting courses and found something she was passionate about. This lead to a change of major to accounting and subsequently graduated with her B.A. She now works with the Department of Defense Office of Inspector General (DoD OIG) in Washington D.C.

Sara was a “lifer” at IRCS, spending all 13 years here. When she became school age her older sister was already attending IRCS, so it was natural to send Sara as well. She feels that being able to take honors and dual credit courses in high school helped teach her discipline when it came to learning and it made the transition into college smoother.

Mission Trip to Nicaragua 2011

Mission trips were among her favorite experiences in high school and she took full advantage of the opportunities. Sara was able to minister in Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Brazil and El Salvador. This gave her the opportunity to learn and experience five different cultures in a four year span. It probably helped her Spanish skills a bit as well.

As enjoyable as the mission trips were, they weren’t her favorite memory from high school. Sara’s best memories come from her time as a member of the IRCS cheerleading squad. During her four years of high school, IRCS won an amazing three FHSAA state championships (2011, 2013, 2014) and the other year (2012) finished 3rd in the state. Additionally, they won four Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders National titles during this span. Even with those successes, her best memories were the relationships she built through cheering and the life lessons learned that helped shape her into the person she is today.

When asked about a favorite teacher Sara replied, “That’s a tough one. There were so many great teachers in my years at IRCS. I can’t pick just one, so here’s two! Mrs. Springman left a big impact on my life. The way she loves God pours through her and that same love she pours into her students. She truly cares for each student she teaches even outside the classroom. Also, Mr. Hayward had a big impact on me. He always challenged me in the classroom by asking tough questions and that then turned into helping me develop my critical thinking.”

When asked how she chose her current profession she said, “It’s funny because in high school I would have never thought I would be doing what I’m doing. I work as an auditor. The audit component is pretty complicated because it’s not like a typical accounting firm and it’s definitely not what many people think accounting or auditing is. We work on a variety of different projects that range from checking weapons and making sure they’re accounted for and working efficiently, auditing government contracts, auditing different IT systems/cybersecurity, and auditing actual financial statements. I currently work on a project auditing a special ops branch of the military so I visit MacDill Air Force base fairly often. The job has a lot of perks like traveling all over the country and the world and it also has a lot of challenges, but that can be any job. I’m pretty blessed to have been given this opportunity, and I truly believe that a lot of the skills that have landed me this job I owe to Indian Rocks and the teachers there that have helped instill in me those traits. I think about Indian Rocks and you guys often. I hope all is well!”

Things are going very well here. Thank you, Sara, for taking the time to answer our questions about your unique and amazing life path. We are so glad you found your niche and we are so proud of you and your successes! Stop by when you are in town, we would love to see you.

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