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When Brittany Kotchman Weber was going into third grade, her parents moved her and her siblings to Indian Rocks Christian School. Her parents already attended the church and loved everything about it, so they decided to switch their children here as well. This gave her a 10 year experience at IRCS, graduating in the Class of 2008.

When asked how her time at IRCS prepared her for college, Brittany replied, “I had dedicated teachers assist, support, and guide me in my educational journey in which I was able to receive a Bright Futures Scholarship due to my good academic standing. Having taken dual credit and honors classes at IRCS I was able to have an easy transition to the college setting by using the knowledge, support, and skills from those experiences.  Once my prerequisites were completed, I gained entrance into the Radiography Program and continued my college experience from there.”

I asked what mission opportunities she took advantage of while she was in high school. She said, “I went my freshman and senior year to New York with Mrs. Renshaw, Mrs. Stevens and Mr. Hayward.”

Choosing a favorite memory from high school proved a bit more difficult for Brittany. “There are too many to choose from but as a whole, I always look back and cherish every single second of my cross-country days at IRCS.  Coach Williams and Coach Labrant really showed me the value of being a hard worker and never quitting any situation no matter how difficult.  The dedication and perseverance that is needed to be a runner in the heat of Florida is on another level. My teammates (many of which I still am best friends with today) really helped me in my walk with Christ, which is when my walk with the Lord really started to grow.”

Another question I always ask proved to be equally as difficult for her to answer. It was to pick one teacher that impacted her life. She replied, “Honestly that seems like an impossible question to answer.  Every teacher that I had, impacted my life in some way!  The genuine compassion they give to each student is something you’ll not easily find.  From coaches, teachers, all the way to the administration… they each left me with something that I can still pinpoint to this day.  If I HAD to pick, I would have to choose the Springman Duo.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Springman taught me academically and while I learned so much from them both, it was their walk with the Lord that truly impacted my life.  Their love for the Lord was evident in their daily walk and to this day I have seen them remain faithful with how God has led them.”

I asked Brittany how she chose her current profession. She said, “I’m not sure anyone chooses Radiology.  I fell into this field after hearing about it from my sister-in-law’s brother.  He did X-ray in the Army so I decided I would look into it.  Going through the Radiography program was a hard, rewarding degree that led me to many other life altering choices.  I met my husband in x-ray, I was cross trained to do Computed Tomography, CT, and now I have the rewarding job of being a Faculty Instructor for the SPC Radiography Program.  Mrs. Springman invited me to speak to her Chemistry class on different health related/STEM fields and I jumped at the opportunity.  So many times students, if they are anything like me, have no idea what different options are out there for them.  I wanted to be able to give back in some small way and help educate others like IRCS had helped me all those years.  There are so many options that students may find exciting in the medical field that allow them to serve the Lord but also make a good paycheck. I have nothing but great things to say about my time at IRCS, it is partly responsible for shaping me into the woman I am today both spiritually and academically!”

Thank you Brittany for being willing to share your story in this blog and with the students in our STEM program. We are so proud of you!


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