The Indian Rocks Christian School Vision

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Founding Premise

The founding philosophy of Indian Rocks Christian School was centered on the saving work of Christ and the idea that Indian Rocks Christian would provide a comprehensive, quality education to Pinellas County families who desired such for their children.

What Do We Stand For?

Isaiah 40:31 states, but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength;  they shall mount up with wings like eagles;  they shall run and not be weary;  they shall walk and not faint “ (ESV).  This is the verse chosen to be the school verse for Indian Rocks Christian School.  It encapsulates what we are trying to achieve through the school ministry.  It is our desire that the successful student who graduates from Indian Rocks Christian will know Christ as his/her personal Savior, and will understand what it means to serve Christ in an ongoing/growing relationship.  Bolstered by a foundation in Christ, the student will be able to soar to their potential in Christ.  This means relying on Christ to meet the everyday challenges of life and to never give up.

Why Do We Exist?

Indian Rocks Christian School exists to lead every student to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ while providing a quality, Christian education in an environment of genuine care and concern for each student and parent.

Who Do We Serve?

Indian Rocks Christian School serves families in Pinellas County who desire a caring, Christian environment for their student.  It is the desire of the school that an education at Indian Rocks be accessible to those who meet our standards and have a genuine desire to partner with us in Christian Education.

What Is Our Core Promise?

Indian Rocks Christian School is Christian in nature, balanced in focus, and caring at heart.  

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