Private Christian Middle School in Pinellas County

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Middle School - Sixth through Eighth Grades

ircs-214Our caring and committed staff has built a middle school program designed to provide the balance necessary for students to grow academically, physically and spiritually in a secure and safe setting.   The IRCS middle school culture and curriculum builds the bridge between elementary and high school, boosting our students’ confidence and preparing them for more responsibility.Call to Action for Christian vs. Secular Education Infographic

IRCS offers 17 different middle school sports teams as well as middle school band, color guard, choir, drama and digital arts. A variety of activities and field trips help to enrich what is taught in the classroom.  The eighth grade year is capped with a trip to Washington D.C.Most importantly, we also strive to help our students mature spiritually during these important years. Working closely with parents, we assist them in becoming Christian thinkers, to develop a biblical set of values that will stand up to peer pressure and the test of time.

We are thrilled that you are considering entering your child in our program, where success is the norm and students enjoy coming to school. We would love to partner with you in the shaping of your young adult.

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