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The new STEM Center is an active learning hub available to all IRCS students as well as extending opportunities to our community.  The following rooms will be equipped to support the students learning as they explore the gifts and talents God has given them.

STEM Center Room Purpose:

Welcome Area: provides first impression for anyone entering the STEM center.  Parents can sit on benches to wait for their student.  Areas of highlight is our Donor Appreciation Wall and Student Highlight area. 

Discovery Center: provides hands-on space for learning basic science process and observation

Student Mentoring Rooms: Provides space for individual mentor/student sessions.  Community mentors advising students with specified research in STEM related fields.  Other purposes may include tutoring in science and math.

Computer/Engineering Lab: Provides space for after school enrichment classes on coding, 3-D printing/engineering and research.

Robotics Field: Provides space for the 20’ x 20’ VEX Competition Field for robotics club students to practice on.  Other schools may come via invitation to have school to school competitions and work days. 

Project/Makerspace: Multipurpose room which provides work-space for hands-on activities in different disciplines with real-world applications.  May be used for idea development/background/methodology/communication work room  

Digital Arts Lab: Provides space designed for production and editing for our digital arts students. Large table is also an area for idea development, methodology and communication 

Communication Room: Multi-purpose space for enrichment classes and space for communication purposes including; Guest speakers, webcasts, STEM presentations, mini-conference events.

Videos from the 2018 STEM Event… The first video below shares personal testimonies of the impact STEM education has had on students, parents and staff.   The second video is a virtual tour of the proposed STEM Resource Center we plan to build for students and staff in the near future.

Thankful for our STEM Corporate Sponsors
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