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Reviews and Recommendations for Indian Rocks Christian

“Indian Rocks Christian is such an amazing school. I am so blessed to be a part of the Indian Rocks family. My daughter is a freshman there and is the happiest she has ever been.”
— Lauren Ponzio, IRCS Parent
Facebook Recommendation, February 2020

“[The] best decision my wife and I ever made was sending our daughter here and we cannot wait for our son to start next year. The staff and teachers are truly amazing. They are caring and compassionate. The curriculum is top notch, not to mention the amazing facilities. We moved to Florida from NJ and we researched schools for months before our move and truly feel this school is the absolute best around and our so happy and proud our daughter goes here! If you are looking for an amazing school that is also affordable, in fact a bargain considering what they offer education and activity wise then this is the place!! lt’s so refreshing to see my daughter excited to go to school every day!! You will not be disappointed, and it goes all the way from PreK through High School which is a rarity around here.”
— Joseph Ponzio, IRCS Parent
Facebook Recommendation, August 2019

“I go to IRCS and it’s awesome!”
— Trevor, Class of 2020 

“IRCS teachers ALWAYS take time to help our daughter when she goes to them. And athletics are second to none. Music, drama, arts-IRCS has it all. And the BEST … CHAPEL every week…Bible classes daily. PRAYER IS IN SCHOOL! Students are able to learn media applications and do a “Morning Show” complete with a brief devotional AND prayer! We, as parents, so appreciate “finding” IRCS! It was an answer to our prayers! Godly men and women setting an example for students. Praying with students. Showing them how to be godly examples. I could go on and on. For us, our family, we totally recommend IRCS.”
— Deborah Clark, IRCS Parent
Facebook Recommendation, May 2019

“The Indian Rocks Christian School community is like an incredible family that surrounds, supports, and nurtures my kids as well as the rest of our family. Moving to the USA was a hard move for us, but IRCS eased the transition for my 3 children – they made life-long friends, solidified their faith and my sons are achieving their sporting dreams. I have one graduate who is playing football at college and loving his academic coursework, another in high school who lives to wrestle and play football, and a daughter in the Elementary school who gets amazing academic support from her teachers as well as tutors from the high school tutoring program who encourage her and are great role models for her. I would recommend IRCS to any parent looking for a warm, safe, fun and challenging environment for their children.”
— Sue, IRCS Parent 

“This is my daughters first year at IRCS. She’s in 8th grade. Previously she attended Safety Harbor Montessori, Country Day School, then public school. I pulled her out of the “cocoon” in her 7th grade year and enrolled her into a public school so she could get a taste of life in the “real world”. Huge mistake but a great learning experience in retrospect. I could not be happier with the decision to send my daughter to IRCS. She fully appreciates the school, the teachers, and the students. The turn around in one year has been remarkable. IRCS has been a true blessing in our lives.”
— Mark, IRCS Parent

“Our family appreciates all of the staff at IRCS.  What a great group of dedicated Christian staff.  It is such a good feeling when we drop our girls off in the morning knowing they are in good hands with teachers that care.  Both of our girls really enjoy the school. Thank you for all of the time and care that the staff invests in these kids.  We will be praying for all of you and that God continues to bless this school.”
— Randy and Joy, IRCS Parents 

“I am so happy to have my son enrolled at this Christian School.  All staff are friendly and my son is happy to be here.  He has leaned a lot and he speaks more fluently.  His teacher is wonderful.  He is in the Pre-K 3.  With God’s help, my son is going to be here all the way through 12th grade.  I love Indian Rocks Christian School.”
— Ilian, IRCS Parent 

“Our three grand children attend IRCS and our daughter couldn’t have made a better decision in enrolling them and then re-enrolling them at this time! All three are doing more than wonderful in not only classrooms, but the extras that they do! Wonderful, wonderful job IRCS!!!!!”
— Jim and Diana, IRCS Grandparents

“This is the first year my kids attended IRCS. My daughter just started in Kindergarten and my son started middle school. I love the fact I can keep them together in one school. Two huge milestones but blessed to have them attend a school so established in a Christian upbringing. I LOVE hearing my daughter recite bible verses as she plays or dances around to a Christian song. I love to see my son happy and enjoying his new school as he would say Public School was boring lol. The staff is friendly and when ever help is needed I am sure I will get it. Very updated with technology, lunches, grades, any info I need at my fingertips. I would also add that my daughter’s teacher is an angel. Mrs. Cheatham is quick responding any concerns I may have and always letting me know how my baby is doing. I appreciate all she does!! KUDDOS to IRCS and look forward to many years together.”
— Yami, IRCS Parent 

“I spent 4th through 12th grade at IRCS. This school has outstanding teachers and staff that truly care for each student. The encouragement, Christ-like attitudes, and mission trip opportunities helped build a solid foundation in my life. After graduation I went off to the best university in the state (FSU). I found myself fully prepared not only for academics, but also was able to continue my walk with the Lord even in a pretty anti-religion atmosphere. I’m truly grateful for the foundation that the teachers helped me build during my time at IRCS. I plan on sending my child here once we move back.”
— Brandi, IRCS Alumni

“I am so thankful for my beautiful daughters that have attended your amazing school! I am also so thankful they had the opportunity to be instructed by the most dedicated staff of people I have ever met!  God has blessed us!”
— Timmie, IRCS Parent

“We Love IRCS! Here’s why… Our three children have attended IRCS since kindergarten. Our son is a senior this year, one daughter a freshman and the youngest now in middle school. IRCS has prepared our son for college in many ways; Duel credit college courses, AP and honors classes, SAT/ACT prep class, practice ACT’s/ SAT’s and a challenging academic course track. He has excelled in athletics as well and will participate in track and cross country in college. He has had the opportunity to serve in countries around the world through our school’s mission program every year in high school. The best part of it all is that my children are in a Christian environment with teachers, coaches and staff that really care about every child. I know my son is prepared for his future education and my daughters will be too. Yes, I have sent my children to only one school their entire lives, but I didn’t do it with blinders on. I have explored other educational options like the IB program, magnet programs and high school collegiate programs, but I always come back to this… my kids love their school. That speaks volumes to me.”
— Julie, IRCS Parent

“Our daughter has been at IRCS for 13 years and we have never regretted our choice to make the sacrifice to send her there. We are extremely satisfied with the education she has received and feel it has prepared her well for college. Dee Bates, the MS/HS guidance counselor, has always made herself available to help our daughter make informed decisions regarding class selection, dual enrollment choices and college prep tests. Additionally, and most importantly, the administrators and teachers have always made us feel that our daughter’s future matters.”
— Darlene, IRCS Parent 

“I am a parent of two children that attend Indian Rocks Christian school. I am also a teacher who taught in public schools throughout the state for 14 years. I was highly skeptical when touring private schools because I had heard so many rumors about private schools not teaching to high standards. While I did witness exactly that as we toured many other schools in our surrounding area, God kept drawing me back to IRCS. After two years of searching, my husband and I decided IRCS was the right fit for our family. Wow! What a blessing it has been! I cannot say enough good things about IRCS! The teachers go above and beyond to help each student be successful. The other parents work together to help support students, teachers and the school. And they offer many family events and student activities that are offered. My children continue to grow in their learning about God. We have also joined the church as members and together with IRCS, we strive to raise our children in the Christian faith. I highly recommend IRCS!”
— Richele, IRCS Parent 

“I LOVE IRCS! My kids went here from Kindergarten through graduation. The teachers and staff are wonderful, smart and very caring. There is something for everyone whether in the Arts department, sports, media, etc. When my son was at a University he thanked me for sending him to IRCS because it really prepared him for college. There is a diversity of students that attend. It doesn’t matter what your race or religious background is you are made to feel welcomed and loved. You are taught straight from the bible not by religion, fair and equal. For HS they offer a lot of dual credit and AP classes. The Elementary school is wonderful! I always felt that my children we very safe and secure. All the teachers really care about the students! The discipline is pretty strict which I appreciate. When you spend this much money you don’t want disruption in your classes. If you want an awesome education and wonderful friends for your children this is the place to be! If you have problems with your child this is not a place for them to be “straightened out”! The teachers are busy teaching and the students won’t put up with it! Even though it was a sacrifice to send our kids here it was worth!”
— Joyce, IRCS Parent

“I am a proud parent of an Indian Rocks Christian Middle School student.  This is our second year here, and I can’t imagine my daughter being at any other local school.  The teachers go out of their way to make learning fun and are always available for any extra help if needed.  The campus is gorgeous and there is an extracurricular activity for every interest from bowling to football. The student body is kind and respectful to each other and staff. Most importantly, my child is safe in an environment that is secure.”
— Shana, IRCS Parent

“I am honored to be an IRCS alumnus. My 5 years there from 8th – 12th grade equipped me to succeed academically for college. More importantly, I was introduced to a faith in God through a personal relationship with Him because of the influential people I met and experiences provided by IRCS. From the challenging classes and extracurricular activities to the life-changing moments of the mini-mester weeks and chapels, this school was a great influence for me. I remain grateful to those who “work” or better put, “are called to serve” at Indian Rocks Christian School.”
— Jessica, IRCS Alumna

“Indian Rocks Christian School is a great environment to be in. The staff and teachers are so caring and friendly. I also feel the tuition is very reasonable compared to other Christian schools. The facilities are excellent and there are a ton of activities for the kids to be involved in. I look forward to my kids graduating from IRCS in the years to come.”
— Jessica, IRCS Parent 

“Indian Rocks Christian School is amazing. I had a blast from kindergarten to my senior year. I’ve always wanted to work in the film/television industry and you’d think living in Largo, FL that it would be a long shot, but going to IRCS helped me get to Los Angeles where I work in both film and television. The teachers at IRCS were so willing to act in all my videos and helped me learn the art of filmmaking. They taught me how to be a leader, care for those in need, and have a great work ethic. I’m forever grateful to the teachers and faculty for being a part of making me who I am today. They’ll always be my family. I love them and keep in touch with them. I couldn’t recommend IRCS more. Go here! What are you thinking, start the paperwork! Keswick and Northside got nothing on us! (Note: I don’t really have anything against them, they are just our rivals. Haha!).”
— Blair, IRCS Alumni

“Choosing IRCS for our children has been the very best decision we have made towards their education. 2012-2013 was their first year at IRCS. We have had our share of Christian and A-rated public schools. We started out at an A-rated public school in Jacksonville. The next year we changed them to a Christian school. The following year we moved to Boca Raton and we placed them in one of the best Christian schools in Boca Raton. The next year we moved to Clearwater and they went to a Christian school there. All of the moves were work-related. Our last move was to Indian Rocks Beach because of IRCS and all the great things we had heard about it. Our children have experienced a number of Christian schools throughout the state of Florida, and we have to say that IRCS has out-shined them all!!!! We have been so happy, felt so welcomed, and the kids have adjusted so easily and so quickly here at IRCS! The teachers and the staff are superb!!!!! They are all so loving and so caring, and the communication is outstanding (the very best we have seen). We are treated more like family than a school. We love IRCS and we plan to keep our children at IRCS until they graduate from high school!”
— Karen, IRCS Parent 

“When our son divorced, we wanted to make sure his children had a Christian foundation and a loving, structured environment during a time of great stress & confusion. Our commitment to put them at IRCS was the result of that concern. When we were away with our business earning the money for tuition, the teachers and staff at IRCS provided them stability, prayer support, & love in addition to a quality education. I could fill many pages with all the ways the teachers & staff loved, prayed with, and nurtured our grandchildren. They were there when we weren’t able to be.  They helped them become the two wonderful kids they are today. Our grandson is a junior in college now and our granddaughter is graduating from IRCS next year and she is an honor roll student. There aren’t enough words to express our gratitude and love for IRCS, its teachers, and staff. It is more than a school to us; it’s part of our family.”
— Cheryl, IRCS Grandparent 

 “I have 5 family members that go here from Kindergarten. The oldest is in sophomore and the youngest is in grade one. Such a structural school, everything is organized and in its place. Love this place and will support them fully!”
— Melissa, IRCS Parent

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